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In my head, I have been dredging up a lot of OLD Location based projects that failed. There’s a lot of stuff in there, so it takes a while. And I had to scroll back a few years to find Methuen Common… which i still think was a great and necessary idea. But no one in Methuen cared…they still don’t but now i don’t so it all worked out. Needless to say this morning I bought…hey i like the imagery. The other benefit of trying it once and failing is that NOW wordpress is better and I am much more skilled with it. Tonight I screwed around with a WordPress calendar plugin…it’s an excellent plugin thought it is not EXACTLY what i want. BUt it is very close. It lets you set up a bunch of calendar feeds and then display them singly or together and what not. But what i need to find is a way to link an actual blog post to a calendar event and vice versa…but hey..i got pretty much a YEAR to work on this. I hope not, but i am planning on being NOT hear by next summer. knock wood.
But it will be a lot of fun to try out this website theory in a new location….Greenfield has a decent regional newspaper website, but it’s not exactly what i am planning. News sites are what happened yesterday, MY idea for a site is what’s going on tomorrow. Sort of like the website version of the Boston Pheonix…..where to look when you are looking for something to do, all the bean suppers, yardsales, performances etc… IT was a good idea three years ago, it is still a good idea.

[google-calendar-events id=”1, 2″ type=”ajax” title=”Events on”]
[google-calendar-events id=”1, 2″ type=”list-grouped” title=”” max=”10″]

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