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New Bullpen Features! See that sidebar thing on the left, the thing everyone ignores….yeah that thing…that thing that I spend so much time on…well there’s a new thing on that thing. The words “Bullpen Event Calendar” are new. Technically it’s called the Bibliophile Bullpen Events Calendar but that’s too damn many words. Addition of book related events is encouraged. Anyone can add one, but I get to approve it before it’s made public, so if the porn shop down the street is having a half off sale, it probably won’t make it to the ‘public’ part of the events calendar, but PLEASE submit it anyway, half off porn is well…HALF off. I’m not particularly fond of it’s remarkably simple and cutesy, but it’s doing what I want for now. I would have rather have one of those lovely embedded calendar boxes in the sidebar. But I destroyed my own blog template trying to install one. So this will have to hold us for now.

Oh, yeah the other thing, I had to post the Useful Phone List so that I could reference it on the SIDEBAR – as it was I was linking off site, which I am not particularly fond of. Please email me any changes. Thanks.

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