can never have too much Ginger

I usually buy myself ONE holiday movie a year, but its getting harder to find ones I don’t have that I would bother rewatching. I just scooped this one from Warner Brothers’s Print On Demand archive. I resent their pricing, because there’s a number of films available this way that I wouldn’t mind owning…but alas I can only afford to treat myself to a new DVD once in a great while.

Bachelor Mother is nearly your typical screwball comedy…mistaken assumptions piled upon good intentions yielding affable confusion, wackiness ensues. Cept this time strangely, when the hero proposes to the heroine…no big tell all denouement…she marries him and he STILL thinks she’s the mother of the baby..that’s very very odd in my book – in the classic shakespearian style Truth is supposed to come out and all’s well that ends well. Perhaps there is a Christmas message buried in here about ‘keeping your mouth shut’ when you are ahead. Regardless it’s a pretty decent Christmas in New York film if you can believe people with baby carriages hang around Central Park in January without getting frostbite.

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