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Well i made a list of five things and so far i have only done like like ONE from the be fair that one turned into like five things on its own and i did a couple of things not on the list. but on the whole even with taking another freaking nap. (no i didn’t feel bad about the nap, i was awake through the wee hours for the antihistmines to kick in)

The first and now only thing on today’s list was to install an HP scanner that i got off freecycle, so I could start scanning in materials for couple of paid jobs. My beloved Epson has been coughing up blood, the glass was scratched and there was an incident with something getting spilled over the top of the lid, and once i installed this new PC, the scanner just wasn’t having any of it. I can tell you this HP scanner is one step away from getting booted out the window. And once i got it installed and tried to make any goddamn sense of the HP Interface I absolutely made up my mind to spend the $120 on the NEW Epson.

I hadn’t realized how much I depended on my Scanner. Not just to scan images, but convert text, and make pdf’s of paperwork i don’t want to store. I can’t even imagine not having a scanner at hand. I think i could live without a printer more than without a scanner. The other thing that has helped make my decision is that the HP can scan 35 negatives and slides..and that’s it. It doesn’t recognize anything else. I DO have occasions to scan other things – and the Epson was rather forgiving. Using black construction paper I can fool it into scanning anything I want.

What I am scanning it tonight, is..wait for it…about 100 pages of handtyped ALL CAP memoirs by a man who can’t spell. To be fair how many among us never even GET to the phase of having things down on paper. So, hats off. I am just annoyed at the Cap Lock situation. I haven’t reinstalled one of my favorite pieces of software – EditPad Pro which has a feature that i can use to FIX this type of crap. As with all things, the Internet will provide, the first result when I googled my problem was ConvertCase.netwhich performed exactly a on the tin, I pasted the newly scanned text into the converter and pressed a button. granted it didn’t come out perfect, but i gotta edit everything anyway, so it’s easier to create a single Capital letter than an entire page of small ones.

I finally scanned in the last of the hand typed material, and i still have to transcribe some hand written pages and some from old yellowed newspapers neither of which can be scanned well enough to bother. oh joy.  SO I didn’t get my 5 things done today.  I’m still stuck on the 1st one.

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