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I meant to do this earlier this week, but I found that on days when I have to earn table money, I can’t get any blogging done. the 2 hour trip home involves traffic on 5 highways and I am pretty wasted when I get here. Energy is all.

regarding the Caption Contest announced August 14th.
These are our entries:

From Rob @ aridium books :
Fear of death increases in proportion to weight of fallen stacks.
From John Fox :
Why I hated books as a child.
From Jim Freiberg: Light Reading – I Think Not
From Joan White @ White Unicorn : Damn! Another Heavy Required Reading List!
From Peter Traulsen: That darn cat!
From Jennifer Gustafson: Another case of information overload
From Lee Kirk @ The Prints & The Paper: A Little Knowledge Can Be a Dangerous Thing
From David Lanning : . . . and all I wanted was a little light reading
From Barb Radisavljevic : Buried in Books
From Kyle Conner : Heavy reading won’t stop me.
From Bill Horne: Throw out your penny books!? Throw out your penny books! Ouch!
From Laura Smith: Spare the books, spoil the child!
From Rock @ Back Creek Books: The ugly incident made Cupid ever wary of future missions involving booksellers.
From Jerry Blaz: I hope I didn’t lose my place.
From Virginia Turnbull: A babe in the words….
From Carol Delle : Alice In Bookland
From Bev Burelle: Why Johnny can’t breathe.
From Charlene Matthews: I swallowed a magnet

From Teri Lynn
• That’s not what I meant by saying that books make an impression on children
That playpen needs to go on the recall list
And secondly, I continue with my argument for the greater use of E-Books
Perhaps the library should switch to E-Books

From Beatrice Baldwin
Old books never die, only cherubs do.
Books are warmer than Grandma’s quilt.
Sleeping with books brings sweet dreams.

From Peter Cromwell:
OK, maybe there IS such a thing as too many books!
Knowledge is indeed a weighty thing.
Hey, I found the diapers, now where’s the kid?
I knew I should have started my summer reading sooner.

From: Aimee England @ Volume One Books
Bury yourself in a good book
Booksellers get buried in their work are always buried in their work
Buried in Books
Voracious Volumes Vindicated!
Book of Love Buries Cupid
Be an angel and turn the page, willya?
Booklovers Revolt
Books are for Lovers
Big Books have more impact
Books leave a big impact
Die Cupid! Die!
Good Books can Be Dangerous

I was amused by many of these, and if the Cupid/Bookseller quote was shorter it would be perfect. But it’s my contest and I always choose the one that mak
es me laugh the loudest.

the winner is:

From Dr. Iccapot: Mega biblion mega kakon which is from Callimachus meaning “Big book, big harm.”

Who gets the Never Bored with OCD t-shirt donated by Helen Crow @ Pogos Place from the Bullpen Cafepress store

Thank you to everyone who entered.


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