card tricks

That’s it. . . that’s my new card. . . i finally let go of my old phone number . . .  well i had to, i had a disagreement with t-mobile about its inherent value and well one thing led to another and now i have a monster bill for a phone i have had in a drawer for the last 6 months. Which means i have to change all the websites and reprint all my cards and such.

Seeing as how i have become enamoured of my iphone i could just put that number on all the printed materials and website…but i LIKE that my phone doesn’t ring off the hook anymore. But is slapping my phone number around the universe a solution?   Friend or foe, people in the real world can usually find me…and online i am quite easy to find.  I have a google voice phone number that i have been using on my website for a while now, it transcribes the call and sends it to me as a text which gives me a heads up on whomever is trying to call me without actually interrupting my day.

Is my phone number REALLY necessary on a card? i almost NEVER hand people a card and say ‘call me’,  i hand them a card and say ’email me’ so why do i have to have my phone number on a card  . . . but why do i have my address? well someone may want to send me something . . . yeah well they better have contacted me already to find out if i want anything sent to me . . . and even that can be found online . . . so now the content of my card is getting thinner and thinner . . .  .

Way back when i registered my own name domain it was only by an accident of. vanity that i figured out it was available. There are a dozen Joyce Godseys in the US . . . but when you google one you  get me, it only makes sense that i have that too. I have never figured out a use for it,  I had thought about slapping my curriculum vitae up there, but i don’t exactly hand that out on street corners and you won’t find any initials  to justify such a ego trip. BUT i finally figure out a use for the damn thing . . . if you have an email for your domain. . . basically anything addressed to your domain will end up in your inbox . . . you can change that but for the most part . . . your main email box is usually a catchall . . . translation: it doesn’t matter what goes in front of the ampersat an email will end up in your inbox. so now i have lopped more letters off my business card. Summing up:  i don’t need a line for my name, my phone, my address or my website . . . all of it is contained in…ta da.

I just slapped that puppy up on vistaprint . NOW if i can loose a ton of weight so that that slouchy knitted outfit looks good on me, i’d be REALLY happy.

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