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Dear Bibliobull – Dirty cards

Dear Bibliobull – I recently bought a number of 1950s trading cards on eBay. The cards depict different airplanes from WW1 and WWII, and I would like to assemble the cards into some sort of shadow box or other display as a gift for my elderly father who flew planes in WWII. The cards are […]

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Dear Bibliobull – Old news

Dear Bibliobull – In addition to archiving personal letters, I am also attempting to archive full sheets of newspaper clippings. I don’t wish to fold these and place them in an archival bag, especially as they are fragile and will eventually crumble when unfolded. They are, however, rather large, and were folded at some period […]

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Dear BiblioBull – Permanent means forever

Dear Bibliobull – Help! I have a really good book listed at $80 but the FOL wrote $5.00 in big, red magic marker numbers inside the front cover. Bound to lead to an unhappy customer! How do I remove it? Marked for life Dear Marked – If the ink is still bright red, then it […]

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