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Faking it for all it’s worth.

“Half a truth is often a great lie.” – Benjamin Franklin

Bullpen day two, so far so good.

According to the AP all future editions of Jame Frey’s Million Little Pieces will have author’s disclaimers attached to them. I have these nightmares about a future where used bookshops are hip deep in trade paperback editions of unreadable books. My favorite part about the Smoking Gun expose was the part where the lawyers threatened to sue, based on the fact that Smoking Gun would be depriving Frey of the millions of dollars in movie rights.

Wait . . it makes a better tale on radio.. . On the Media’s Jan 13th program did a piece on this and other literary faux vies – give it a listen.

Frey isn’t the first guy to play fast and loose with his own life story, it’s been a popular author past time for practically forever. Charles Bukowski made a damn fine life of it, but at least he had the good sense to call it fiction. These spring to mind: Jerzy Kosinski The Painted Bird, Dave Pelzer Child Called it, Augustine Burroughs Running with Scissors, Binjamin Wilkomirski Fragments. Even literary logrolling is worth publishing The Wilkomirski Affair : A Study in Biographical Truth. I suspect momentarily we will be seeing “the James Frey Affair : or how i want to jumpstart my own literary career by trashing this guy.”

I wonder if anyone ever put Ben Franklin’s autobiography under the microscope?

A Pen Warmed Up In Hell

“It was a time of great and exalting excitement. The country was up in arms, the war was on, in every breast burned the holy fire of patriotism.. . .” Our apologies to Mr. Twain.

This is the 1st post of the Bullpen, I hope to use it to share gossip about what books are warming up. Books in the news, books that aren’t getting their fair shake at the check out counter, books that customers might be looking for in the future. Hopefully information that will be useful to the average used bookseller.

From todays news : something that is NOT getting enough play, the US has denied author William Blum permission to travel to the 15th International Book Fair in Cuba to present his 2003 book Killing Hope U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II. This item has so far only been reported in the Cuban News media. Now if he REALLY wanted to attend this Book Fair, he wouldn’t have told them he was going. Which leds me to think that if he was trying to get some advertising mileage from being denied permission to travel, he has failed.

BTW: Joan Didion, winner of the National Book Award for her memoir The Year of Magical Thinking and William Vollmann are among finalists for the National Book Critics Circle awards. John Updike, a two-time National Book Critics Circle winner for fiction, is a nominee in the criticism category of the awards for Still Looking : Essays on American Art, nominees for which were named over the weekend. And Orhan Pamuk, the Turkish novelist on trial for criticizing his native country, is a memoir finalist for Istanbul. Awards will be announced March 3.

The dates for the 2006 Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar have been announced – August 6-11, 2006, will be held in beautiful Colorado Springs, immediately following the Rocky Mountain Antiquarian Book & Paper Fair.


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