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the monthly nut revisit

It took a while but i found it…i’m still cleaning and tossing crap, ….hey i gotta basement, garage and carriage house to go through so it’s gonna take a while… i knew i had one of these somewhere… not the kitten…Treasure there is going to the folks next door when she gets bigger…. the nut. its the biggest one i could find. Right now it’s gonna live on the desk…when i move i will hang it someplace prominent. I christen it…”the monthly nut” to remind me That i have to earn a lot more money to pay for the freaking thing. Right now i am learning about solar PV systems…i’m thinking of dropping the money on a complete solar heating system.. imagine not having to pay the utility company ridiculous amounts of my earnings..i imagine it every day. NUTS.


flogging the kitty

kittenface cute huh? well their cute is wearing off… i have 6 left, and nearly all of them still have the runs. They aren’t technically ready for adoption for another 2 weeks, but they won’t be unless i can knock out the smelly kitten thing. oF course these will be my last fosters here. Not that i am expecting to leave soonish…but i need to collapse all the cages and scrub the floor in the living room and get it suitable for showing. without the kittens, and Oreo who passed away a couple of weeks ago, it should be much easier to keep the place clean. I made a deal with the rescue group to take the unaadoptables, but after spending the week considering what i need in a new home, i keep coming back to the fact that i really do need to find homes for a couple of the cats that live with me. Don’t get me wrong, i am ALWAYS looking for homes for them, but my personal rule is that last in, the 1st out and it seems every couple of months someone, including the city dumps a cat on me that needs to be rescued. I have had TWO rescues at the behest of the city in the last week alone, but neither of one came anywhere near coming to my house. The one I pulled out of a hoarders house went to one rescue group and the one i collected from some lady’s garden went to another. My house is now offlimits to any rescues. In the last 10 years i have done a lot of favors for a lot of people. It’s about time that I started collecting on some of these. I have 4 perfectly adoptable cats who aren’t exactly MINE mine, just furry roommates. Without a constant chance of incoming rescues, I think i can spend some extra effort trying to flog these kitties.


I didn’t do much towards the project today…. I have a lot of unfinished projects that I would like to put to bed before start something so major. I know that the sicpress publications will do ever so much better out in the Pioneer Valley more than in the Merrimack Valley, so I need to clear the decks to make room. Though a few of the titles I have been working on will go over regardless of locale. I spent the day adding the indexing to this cookbook, it may not sell well, but i am very pleased with the cover. I got a little stressed designing the cover, until I went back to My pal the long dead Homer Winslow.  I have just as much digital crap to put to bed as I do crap in the real world.

Now that i have made this decision, I really can’t wait until it gets a wiggle on.  I am sick of my life, and not just the kitten poop coating it.   I really loathe and despise august no one buys anything.   Tonight I had to decide on cat food or phone bill,  I chose the cat food…i really don’t have anyone I need to talk to this weekend.   Maybe someone will buy something before long.




i can be poor anywhere

So the database has finally been restored…it still takes a while to load and locks up on me, so i am back where i was last thursday.
But fuck it. it gets fixed or doesn’t. While it was down the sink hole, i got think about life without it. Not that i am married to it, hell sometimes i go weeks without feeding it.
but it both like Spaudling Gray’s MONSTER IN A BOX and Wonderboys‘ never ending manuscript that blows away in the wind…if you haven’t seen either, why are you reading this? Six years of my life-3880 blog posts gone with a few keystrokes, gone poof…who cares? why would it matter? could be reconstituted if need be, it’s just products for sale, Erasergirl neé Bibliophilebullpen is the inside of my head turned out. a few years ago when i ran out of bookish material to write about, i said eff-it, i will just write about what i am interested in. Everyone else is covering the bookish stuff, so I will just write for me. It especially helps when i have other NON CREATIVE stuff to get accomplished and I want to just scream. But regardless, it’s back. I can deal. No harm done.

But a LOT of things happened over the last few days…most of them just inside my head. But it’s a big fucking deal. Last week my brother was mean to one of the tenants…in the same insane landlord attitude shit he usually reserves for me. But he did it to an innocent person who was in tears…that’s just not right, he really shouldn’t be a landlord. And the second mortgage needs renewing. Put a pin in that.

postcardLast couple of weeks i have had to pull the pin on being a Bitch about the City, the Mayor and the City Counsel and hence the DPW’s complete lack of interest in the rail trail. After I spanked them all at the last city counsel meeting, the DPW showed up on the trail to start working on the drainage and the surface all good…but WHY do i have to fight to get these people interested in a project they should have been behind for the last 4 years? Combine that with the fact that the collective IQ of the elected government is less than a moderately retarded spider monkey.

I suck at algebra but I CAN do basic math…and i came to the conclusion that I DON’T HAVE TO DIE HERE. I can be poor anywhere. I’m 52 fucking years old, if i don’t move now, i will die here. And I don’t want to. After coming to that conclusion I started poking around on the internet for a new place to live. It didn’t take too long, I am not all THAT adventurous…change is good, but i still expect to drag along some four footed roommates, not to mention, books, dvds, boats and bikes etc.. so I am not going to backpack to India. I figure I will start small, a couple of booksellers recommended PIONEER VALLEY in Massachusetts. 87 miles/1.5 hours away. Not too far, very blue state, lots of bookstores, yet still massachusetts; I had always wanted to move to maine, but their Governor is being a dickhead. Who knows, perhaps i will move again?

I spent the weekend just whispering the idea of moving, i researched the area and kinda tentatively picked a town and spent a LOT of time on Zillow and Google street view getting to know the place. My PLAN is to take my percentage of the sale of the property…which is commercial and the market is good right now…. and buy a duplex outright. No one is going to give me a loan anyway. and with a duplex I can put that rent towards the taxes and upkeep, so i can keep my frugal penniless lifestyle if i absolutely have to. Shockingly…not having a decent job frees me up to move anywhere i want, at least this place has all the things I like. I can free myself to be happy someplace else.

Monday, I did the rescue clinic and arranged for sanctuary placement for the four unadoptable cats in my care. And Tuesday I met with a local lawyer whom i casually know because he and i share the same loathing for the city government. He knows he doesn’t get paid until the house sells and he’s down with that. He’s actually employed JUST to communicate to my brother who still thinks I am not very bright. Yeah, just keep singing that song butt head.

So that’s the plan. after all the divesting, I finally have the go ahead to toss out everything else if i want.

Regarding the big picture, i have decided to try an experiment…you know how i can’t keep doing any one thing for too long before i get bored and start something else…yeah i know there’s a clinical name for that…

I am going to try to document the entire process. I stuck a virtual pin in the map and picked a city I have never been to, as far as I know, though I may have passed through it. I am going to sell up and move there, JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! Who knows, i could hate it, I could like it, i could get killed on the highway just going there. Lets see what happens. It can’t be worse than what i have now, right?

Dead Pet: Send Your Best Little Buddy Off in Style

dead pet

This entire post is an experiment. I went through a number of wordpress plugins trying to find a simple one which attaches amazon affiliate links to posts  and then I just threw in the towel. I already spent money on the WpZonBuilder plugin…$66 in fact. So i think i am going to use it. If you see something you like, click through to amazon. I am not sure if i get a cut if you buy the used copy, but hell, that’s what I always do.

I stumbled on this Dead Pet book by accident killing time at a comic book shop… a REAL one..a big one with lots of toys and other things created for people with disposable incomes. Anyway i was there for an hour and i was determined to find something I could genuinely say I needed.

At first blush this seems ghoulish and creepy…but seeing as how my backyard is filled with dead pets…when they dig it up in future they are going to label me a serial killer… a lot of the chapters in here are quite sentimental and honorable. Granted a chapter on taxidermy sounds tasteless…but there are plenty of people for whom having their pet stuffed helps them heal. personally I find that i MUST DIG THE HOLE MYSELF, i dig the hole and i bury them with all their toys etc. I just wish i had remembered to mark all the graves or at least make a map. 35 years of dead pets? There are chapters on grave markers, hearses, coffins, well of course snake coffins should be lengthwise, even cremation and then attaching those cremains to hobby rockets and shooting them into the sky…

Alas a friend of mine just lost a much beloved pet, and now is NOT the appropriate time to whip out this book…I should have shown it to her months ago when it would have been funny and potentially helpful.

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the Exotic life

hoarding I live such an exotic life…it rained yesterday….a great and wonderful warm rain, the sort that makes you stare wistful out the window and wish you had a shotgun. I wouldn’t have gone out at all yesterday, but I had told the Animal Control officer that i would trap a cat left in an empty house…(pictured) the little old lady hoarder died tuesday and the cat is being fed by the hoarding houses go..this one isn’t that bad. only one pet and a surprising lack of insect presence…hey it could be worse… I have mentioned the Hoarders tv show before and how i think it preys on the weak willed, but it does make good tv…for those who take the hint. This little old lady definitely needed an intervention…unfortunately after the cameras go away..people like this need day to day supervision to help them maintain what we consider an appropriate lifestyle. Today my job is to set the trap…but i have been on the other end of the shovel at previous houses. Then I came home and washed my living room floor…which was a bad idea since it was still fucking raining and it took all night for it to dry with the fans blowing on it.

On the whole yesterday all i really wanted to do was drive my truck into a brick wall. Summer’s over, i haven’t had a sale in a week, the census people are all mad at me because i complained about being assigned cases 50 miles from my home with a 19 year old vehicle it kind of set me up to fail. fuck em all they can do is not rehire me..and that’s nothing different in my life. meanwhile all the bill collectors are sharpening their knives. All I can managed to do is work on websites and some of the few publications I have planned for September, that and clean up after the kittens.

Just about the time i was about to curl into ball and go to sleep, I get a call from my sunofabitch brother who is apparently on vacation someplace. Number Six apartment has a bat in it….after looking for it for the last 12 hours I can only assume it is still there asleep. The twenty something single girl occupying it, has a surprisingly spartan apartment, a tiny bit messy but nothing that can’t be neatened to Apartment Life quality in about 10 minutes. She was very freaked about the bat…or even the idea of the bat, she was flipping out at every curtain flap that was NOT bat related. To be fair it is AUGUST and this years bat crop are getting lost looking for their homes, she had the window screens in what i can only describe as PRIME REAL ESTATE for bat babies. the space around the A/C was open to the air, and the screen in the kitchen wasn’t even on track. It took us about 30 years but we have managed to block every potential bat or mouse hole in every apartment..cept mine. So i knew that the bat had to have a little help getting in. Why are people always surprised? it’s a 150 year old house, on a hill looking DOWN on steeples fercrissakes? what do you think is gonna fly in your window? butterflies? long story short, she went to the boyfriends and I spent the rest of the night checking the apartment every few hours…….but alas i can’t find it. she didn’t have many places to check……

NOTE: Bats can’t crawl on smooth surfaces, they can only slide..they don’t function well in the house, they aren’t going to ‘GET YOU’ they aren’t going to get in your hair unless you are wearing a 50s girl group wig. they can only fly and swoop and hook onto rough surfaces like curtains and the back of picture frames, after you have checked all those and the window casings and such you are pretty much shit out of luck until it comes out. Unless you knock it down, it ain’t under the bed or in your drawers, or any place complicated.. as Chiroptera/bats go brown bats are pretty harmless. you really need to put your fingers in their mouth to have a problem…and their mouths are tiny remember they eat mosquitoes which are much more dangerous. Bats are rapidly approaching endangered species hood. thank you white nose syndrome and ignorant assholes who kill them with tennis rackets instead of just opening a window and letting them escape. Personally i have been using a catch/butterfly/landing net for the last 35 years. if i didn’t want the bat smashed to pieces by my family, I had to get over my fear of flying things pretty damn quick. So basically just keep your eyes on the bat, they DO NOT fly supersonic, they just gently swoop looking for the window. Open the damn window. you can try knocking it down with a bath towel and scoop it up in the towel…you will know where it is in the towel because it will be screeching, then shake the towel out the window… or just buy a damn $9 net if this is a recurrent issue.

But I digress, I was in two radically different living spaces in one day…. someone with too much stuff… though most of it was actual trash..and someone with very little stuff, and I had to come home to my hovel. As I reported before I have been trying to divest myself of all the unneeded stuff for years now…since i had to get rid of all my ersatz grandmother’s stuff AND then my mother’s stuff…neither of which were hoarders. I’m not one either… In my own opinion, I just have too much stuff, I may use my lifestyle….correction LIFE to rationalize it. I have been in this apartment/house for essentially 40 years less 4 years, and i have run a number of businesses out of here, do a LOT of fixing, repairing and construction, have a NUMBER of activities that needs STUFF, like rescuing little orange kittens, feeding, medicating and housing them until i can get them to a rescue group. By now I probably don’t have too much stuff for all that but probably not enough space. But at least i remain conscious that one day when i DO drive into a brick wall someone will have to get in here and sort it all out.


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in and out the cat window

catdoor I built this cat door for the porch window last night… i dropped $30 at Home Depot …technically this probably cost $20….it’s a surplus piece of that beaded masonite and the plastic top parts from plastic outdoor lattice…and a bit of clear plexiglass attached with duct tape so it swings in and out…. it’s propped open right now for the cats who haven’t figured out the sway part…but i have a wider piece for later…where they can get in but not get out….i had to do something the damn little dog fits through that opening…the chihuahua does to…but he’s not inclined to go out and chase possums at night. I was very pleased with my life for about an hour… well maybe two hours.

The weather has changed in New England…we made a jumpstart to September….and i am highly suicidal…. regardless of the calendar…we track time by weather here…. summer is over…i owe the mechanic $400 for repairing the 19 year old truck, i lost the rights to reprint two local books that I had already prepped for publication, (local heirs to a local dead person), and the census is wondering why i am not putting more ridiculous miles trying to close the last empty house cases…yeah right like that’s gonna happen. And I am sure the gas and electric company haven’t forgotten about me. It was my intention to work my ass off this summer to clear those bills, but alas..i only worked my ass off to pay for the cost of working my ass off. I can’t even calculate how much ‘EXTRA’ money i spent on that job…Sunglasses, shoes, new clothes from the thrift store, nto to mention all the gas, oil, and dunkin donuts products…and blowing through all my phone and dataplan minutes over and over. i don’t want to do the math…it will just make me sadder. But since i am already at the bottom of the hole, i decided to go out swinging… for a week i had been putting together a ‘letter’ in my head to whatever mucky mucky is in charge of this cockamamie thing, and i finally sent it out this am. well i sent it as an email to the highest name on my email list. outlining the bait and switch tactics used to hire field representatives..i would have never in a million years applied for a part time job 35 miles away from home. it just turned into something i wasn’t prepared for and i feel ill used…..over the last 52 years, i have honed my talent for passive aggressive manipulation which i inherited from my mother..thanks ma. So i pulled out all the stops and threw myself on my sword multiple times, apologizing my inadequacies and so forth… who knows if anything will come of it…but i did actually like the JOB part of the job, just not the logistics of doing them. and i wouldn’t want to miss out on doing it again in the future…cept LOCALLY.


So my brain has already checked out of that job, I just can’t get motivated to invest any more time, since its already broken my heart and truck. When the suicidal depression has taken hold…driving through all those beautiful upper middle class towns didn’t actually help my mood either…. I try to fight it off by sticking my head inside the computer and work my fingers to the bone even if it is a complete waste of time…the actual WORK part is what convinces the brain that it is WORKING..even if no money is forthcoming…and since my brain needs something to play with…i worked on more WordPress apps and plugins..trying to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and adding more commercialization options to the website i already have…so what does my childish brain DO?   it starts another damn website.  YEAH like i needed that…to be more accurate i DID go through all the domains and such that i had on the drawing board and erased all the clutter, EXCEPT for this one, Sicpress and the new one…   I bought that ecommerce plugin  WpZonBuilder for about $66 bucks and what it does is extract amazon products to set up Amazon affiliate sites.. basically selling stuff FOR amazon hoping that the trickle down theory will make it worthwhile.    he…i already make about $12 every month from SOMEPLACE on the internet where i recommend something..i don’t exactly know where…so why not TRY it….it IS part of my overall plan for Passive Aggressive money that i talked about last year.    So perhaps i need to put my fingers where my mouth is.

That’s what it looks like right now… i am still not happy with it, but every time i twist it around i DO learn something.    I decided to combine my fascination with podcasts and the associated products on amazon… granted I made it way more complicated than I guess the wpzonbuilder had intended it to be…instead of just adding thousands of products at once – which i take it, is the way it is SUPPOSED to be used, I have been added 3 here and 5 there,  adding direct links to my favorite podcasts..granted no one has visited the site but me but that’s okay, like i said i am still fucking with it.

The other aspect that i am LEARNING while doing, is about SEO which is how the internet works these days.   In the bad old days of the internet – you created a site and waited and hoped that the search engine bots would find you and index you..these days people smarter and more determined than you or eye, manipulate their pages and websites to get Google to do exactly what they want.  I’m not that clever, i can only learn from doing, i can’t INTUIT the best ways to draw attention to a site where i am selling things I don’t have.  The best I can do is spend hours late and night and into the wee hours curating the best crap from around the internet.    I figure in the end i can spend about 5 hours a week loading posts onto it.   but like this blog, I consider it ALL LEARNING for the future.

I have since turned around and started adding Search Engine Optimization to and hoping that i can pull that website off the mat where it is lying in a pool of its own blood.


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pathological bugaboos


To accurately tell the story of my Friday, I have to backdate this some……i probably should have scrolled back 52 years ago, but why bother?    what you need to know:  ya’ll remember my other dog died right? and i am fostering a noisy little fucker whom i found wandering the streets…i DO have intentions of getting him adopted, i just haven’t had any luck by locking him up in the house.   And last year I adopted a cat to a woman who lives an hour away who has had some medical issues….and that the census job has just about killed the hell out of my truck….flash forward….

Thursday I had every intention of going out in the PM to do some census hours…the cases i have left all need stalking after work hours….and on Wednesday we…i say we meaning my mechanic put in a new Alternator…bringing what i owe him up to about $400……so my motivation is high… and i get involved in a text exchange about JACK THE CAT…. he’s got an emergency UTI blockage and the owner can’t afford the emergency vet bill…..but then who can?….so I contact the rescue group who does charity veterinary and get approval to bring him up here to see their vet.    and I agree to drive down and get him and bring him to the vet in the morning….and I get on the highway at 4:30 ish..and it takes me …get this…. TWO AND A HALF HOURS to go what is normally less than an hour… i grab the cat, come home …another hour. …the evening was less than profitable already…so my lizard brain spent money i can ill afford on a new website plugin which I had been eyeing and started  building a brand new website until the wee hours  (more on that later)…this gave me the illusion i was making money and stifled the traditional panic attack.

Come Friday – First thing i had to do was drop off that cat at the vet… no the 1st thing i had to do was clean the kittens cage and feed them..they are at this phase where food goes in one end and out the other and somehow they end up wearing most of it. ..after i feed all the caged animals.  I can address the cat/vet issue.    Now remember the cat is AT the vet and I can’t leave town because they will call me when they are done…so I HATCHED  this plan to do something NICE that i can afford for my mechanic….remember the mechanic who is letting me pay in installments?  yeah…well his office in the garage has about 18 inches of litter on the floor…think of a human hamster cage… i get my bucket o’weapons and drive over…when he saw what I was going to do, he had a straight up panic attack…turns out the guy is a psychological hoarder…..who knew?   he literally freaked the fuck out……all his empty lunch containers were exactly where he wanted them… eventually he agreed to let me clean his new ‘place’ that he was in the middle of moving into.   He was basically moving from one apartment building to another across the street as his had recently  been sold.   So we go to that ‘apartment’ …turns out it is merely a partly furnished ROOM in an apartment with three other guys middle aged guys.  and this ROOM, had had a leaky black mold infested ceiling for a number of years, I still can’t believe the owner not only showed it but rented it that way… Knowing that all my efforts will be in vain, IF the owner takes down the ceiling, as he should, everything will just get dirty again.. …i agree to clean it as much as I could…….all the while John is offering to pay me a fair amount and take if off my bill.      Now i am totally way past indifference at the point…i don’t WANT to be paid for cleaning…he has his pathological bugaboos, and so do I.    He offers $10 an hour and I am so pissed at myself, I just keep telling him no….nevermind etc…. actually what i said was “you haven’t paid a cleaning lady in a while have you?”    they get like three and four times as much as that.   Personally I would rather be doing this for FREE AS A FAVOR,  than be paid such a piddling amount..of course, the entire time i am washing the white work and the linoleum floors –  I am having fucking flashbacks to twenty years ago,  when i was newly divorced, and broke, and indeed cleaning houses for  ten dollars an hour.  But nevertheless I get to chatting with the other two guys and listen to my vulgar podcasts and do my job and get the fuck out of dodge as soon as possible two hours later………now it is like 3pm and i have to shower and get over to get the cat…..remember the cat?  before the vet closes at 5pm..turns out it didn’t have a blockage just a UTI…apparently her VET sucks at diagnosis…   I have this great idea…i will get my census clothes on,  pick up the cat, drive down, drop him off, and on the way  back do some census cases…yay…i can write off all that mileage and hours etc.. brilliant…. so i get dressed and get the cat……i get out of the vet at  like 5:30ISH and i am on my way back down the highway…….and i get this call from my sunofabitch brother saying:  he’s showing the apartment above me and i have to come home and lock up the barking dog……now i know locking up the damn dog don’t do no damn good…since this little bastard’s new trick is to sneak out what i laughingly call the CAT door and onto the him a clear view of everything in the neighborhood that is bark worthy… so i says…’i will take him with me’ and i turn around on the highway and come back and get the barky dog.  now i have the dog AND the cat who is not in the best of moods in the front seat of the truck with me..AND i know friday night on the highway will be another two and a half hour shit show…so i pull out the iphone/gps, that can’t hold a charge,  and ask for directions that don’t involve the highway at all…..thinking even if it takes an hour and a half it will be better than sitting in traffic….yeah right..i get an overland route that takes me through a heavily populated city before i get to the two lane black top backroad….  flash forward  – two and a half hours later – I get to the destination…all the way the barky dog… is indeed all that…bikes, motorcycles, babycarriages, it is all bark worthy…   We drop off the cat and spend another hour coming home..   And i spent the rest of the evening and many hours into the dawn building the new website to keep from killing myself, or the little barky dog.    That was my Friday.  


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uncategorized expenses

uncategorized i’m at that low point, where no money is coming in and the bank balance is well….isn’t. I do have paying work to work on, but my panic attack is distracting me. So i am poking around at my MINT.COM account hoping if i keep hitting it with sticks, it will some how change the balance. Hasn’t happened so far. Even though I abuse it terribly I can’t recommend MINT.COM enough. The damn thing is FREE, which is highly unusual for anything from INTUIT the quicken/quickbooks people. between and now Woocommerce i have finally gotten away from my 2004 quickbooks install. Cept I still haven’t found something that will generate purchase orders to vendors. still poking at that. But Mint.Com really is quite something…IF you remember to monitor your transactions to make sure they all get classified as something. As you can see for the past few years I have been ignoring simple little PAYOUTS to people via my paypal account. Luckily I keep all those transactions in a ‘purchases’ folder in my email. So slowly today i have been reclassifying things that were totally wrong… I should be VERY grateful I have reached that time in my life, where i eschew making decisions… (second time i used eschew today) I always go to a certain place to buy a certain thing, DODGE means dodge feed and grain which is for cat litter, not DODGE as in automotive, And all my walmart purchases are split between pet food and home repair supplies, that’s pretty obvious. A lot of quizzy looking POINT OF SALE purchases all turned out to be various gas stations which are really only listed by the street name. MOST ALL of my Paypal purchases are for shipping customer orders which is obviously deductible, cept for apparently 189 transactions I am working through at the moment. The only time things really get fuzzy is when i do direct purchases online through paypal, was the thing i bought clothing or books? was the book for resale or for me? or rather will i probably resell it? and so forth. The real reason i ended up with so many uncategorized expenses or incorrectly labeled transactions is that i LOATHE looking at my bank balance. Especially days like today when it positively echoes. I need to spend my last $20 on cat food. the adult cats can get by on dry, but not so the six kittens. It also sticks me behind a catch 22 eightball…i COULD go out and do some census hours…but i don’t have any money for gas to get me to the destination..and doens’t THAT suck. but by working on the listings I get the actually FEELING i am working, without the actual profit….something i am truly used to.


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one in – one out.

mixnmatch I have been trying to get OUT OF THE HOUSE since 7 am this morning…. 1st i had to wait until 9 to go get the refilled ink cartridge for the HP5L and listen to the guy and the counter tell me how much faster a new printer would be than my 18 year old model. Then I had to get as much cat and dog food as i could afford from the big box store. About then i took Oreo for her last ride to the vet.


Her x-ray didn’t turn out well, and in the end i spent an hour digging another hole in the yard. She was a nice enough dog, but she really didn’t love me, but i can see her point. just when I thought i’d be able to go out and do some Census hours…. i get a call about a house where they had put rat poison under the stairs trying to get rid of the Mama cat and her kittens. Needless to say it was as dire or evil as it sounded. The homeowners had rescued one kitten and we waited an hour to see if mama would come pick it up and move all her kittens to somewhere sans rat poison. after an hour of hearing it scream, I gave up and took it home. Turns out the orange mama cat who TRULY doesn’t like me, didn’t have a problem feeding a baby who wasn’t hers. The other kittens think the kitten looks weird but they are all eating solid food like its going out of style. Hopefully the mama under the stairs will move her children to someone else… or they grow up and we catch them all in 4 weeks. we will see. As it pack of kittens is growing like topsy.


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oh for fuck’s sake


i’d like to blame all my troubles on the heat, but i really can’t. when the 90+ heat settled over the land. my only choice was to hide in the house for days on end. when i did go out to clock some census hours. i became violently ill and i couldn’t find a dunkin donuts restroom fast enough. So, not only was i not making any money, but things started demanding repair at an alarming rate. my clothes and linens were not drying fast enough on the line before mildew would set in, so after 3 years i paid to have the dryer fixed – $114. The damn thing had not worked since my brother changed the gas line over.

Next to die on me was the big 10k btu A/C, that has really been all i had needed for the apartment for many years, but it saw the heat coming and bailed on me. i made it through last week taking so many showers i gave myself swimmers ear. carrying a box fan from room to room was my only defense until i dragged the smallish a/c from the closet and set it up with a box fan of its own. It wouldn’t do the house not even the living room, but it did manage to keep the cages with cats and kittens cooled off. The animal shelter has graced me with their 8K btu for the time being. I dropped the 10K Whirlpool at Sears..i can’t afford anything even close to that size, so it better get fixed.

After replacing the shift cable on the truck last week, today it insisted on having itself a new U joint installed and now it wants a spedometer sensor and probably some plugs to go with it.

All of these expenses I can accept…the universe likes to dump multiple things on you at the same time….but then there are the fucked up things that i cause myself…after failing miserably to take myself out to eat – the other night at a local bar and grill… $29 for what was effectively half a beer and 5 tiny steak tips… yes a letter was written and mailed… I joined a book club group meeting at a really nice trendy pizza joint in Salem, Ma on Sunday… needless to say it all went sideways…. the kid forgot my order and the kitchen didn’t really make good on the service, so another letter was mailed… i’m getting a lot of stuff written these days, but its all the angry letter type of stuff.

my newest annoyance are the damn lopping shears. my favorite weapon of choice on the rail trial… Craftsman anvil lopping shears with fiberglass handles. the blades are bent. While at Sears I tried exchanging them for another pair, but the employees tried to convince me that they were ‘A’ no longer made, and ‘B’ that the red ones were teh same product…no they had steel tube handles…and still do. I pulled out my iphone and found the correct product online. and proceeded to order the ones I want and had them sent to the store… But my spidey sense is tingling…I already got a text that Sears has received my order… if they pulled it off their shelves..i have seen what they have and its not what i want. I’d rather repair the ones i have.

Why is the universe fucking with me? and what will tomorrow bring?

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