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5 spot light

Best 5 bucks i have spent in a while. the battery AND the lantern..and considering it’s a LED lantern, it actually DOES NOT SUCK. seriously i have been using it the last few days because the goddamn cats keep escaping. They have been tearing holes in the screen porch faster than i can fix them. I finally gave up..with Irene coming to visit, i just closed up the porch a little earlier that normal. I loathe having the litter boxes in the house longer than i have to. So right now i know there are 4 cats outside that shouldn’t be, but they have all been out before and the garage door is cracked so they can go inside if they want. I put food on the porch, they aren’t dumb they know where they live. But the lantern was helpful running around in the effing dark trying to call them back in. The ones that are out are semi-tame the kind that live in a house and you don’t like you. Yeah that’s the byproduct of 20 years of fostering, you get stuck with a lot of defective cats.

So basically if you are out and about drop In retrospect I think I should have bought a few. I may when this storm thing has passed.

I am going out to put the rest of the lawn furniture away. I guess it’s the end of summer whether we like it or not.

here we go again

Now i KNOW i have bought these before at Home Depot, but i have been there twice last week and this week and NO ONE employed there knows what the fuck they are even called, nevermind where they would be stocked. Finally i gave up and contacted Home Depot, it is NOW an internet only item. Luckily they have classified it as free shipping. Hideously annoying. I surely do miss having REAL hardware stores that had all the small widgets that make civilized life possible. I have spend the entire summer fixing all the stupid little broken dohickys, latches, uneven shelves and wonky table legs etc.. and it all comes down to FINDING the stupid piece that makes the other pieces WORK again.

BTW I am still looking for a wooden according style clothes drier.

getting BBC Iplayer with Expat Shield

Don’t know why i never looked for this before – but when Doctor Who resumes on the 27th I will be ready. I have been using Expat Shield to keep up with Torchwood on BBC Iplayer which is blocked to folks without a UK ISP address, this one gives you one, so Iplayer plays fine. The only byproduct I can find is a close-able banner header that only appears while the Expat Shield is running. When are the powers that be gonna realize that they can’t keep pretending that their are walls between geographical locations anymore?

hungry hungry iphone: iflash

I love my iphone, seriously i didn’t think i would…or rather i was afraid i would. The more I play with it, the more things I am finding that it can do. Last month I went a little mad uploading my entire DVD collection using ICollectMovies Pro and the camera slash barcode reader function in the Iphone. Of course the camera is very sensitive, my brain said, ‘Hey, what if there was a flash for shooting documents?!?” well there was, IFlash it’s not so much a flash as a light, but you plug it in and it runs off the Iphone’s battery. No muss no fuss, one draw back is that the damn thing is so tiny, i have misplaced it three times. Now i have a small bag for all my Iphone attachments, just have to keep track of the bag. Well worth the $12.

The other draw back is that my iphone is encased in a hard shell and i needed to buy a tiny adapter so that the flash could be plugged in.

hungry, hungry iphone: Jotter (handwriting notepad)

I didn’t think i needed as yet ANOTHER data acquisition method, but ya gotta have a handwriting app, right? not sure of the difference yet, but the free version will be fine for now.

hungry hungry iphone: Mini Keyboard

I couldn’t stand not having a keyboard, so $15 dollars later I have a Bluetooth mini Keyboard I still haven’t used it yet, but if i need one I have it in my accessory kit. I have all the same sort of document software on my iphone that i have on my PC and Laptop. I can fondle Office and Google Documents with the best of them, but alas so far I haven’t had a lot of datacrunching that would need to give my thumbs a rest. Besides..she’s cute.

App addiction

20110611-081806.jpgMy name is EG and i am an app addict.
These damn clever things are totally addictive, like all damn clever things i tend to overdue. It is very easy to load this device up with tools that are strikingly similar and end up with little bits of data spread out over a few of them, and using none of them properly.

I foundyself having to decide between two programs that stored data: one that was cheap and simple, and one that was pricey and very fancy.
In my younger geekier days i’d have forced myself to use the more elaborate program just because i had paid more money for it. But i have reached the point in my life where i always take the easy road when it presents itself.

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