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super snoopers

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln.

Our constitutional rights have been slowly subjugated under the umbrella of our “War on Terrorism”‘ which if it is anything like our “War On Drugs”, should do little more than increase and disseminate the amount of terror in the world tenfold. I have never been as terrified of Osama and his ilk, as I am of Dubya and his cronies. Terrorists are quite honest about their intentions if we are destroyed and humbled their scorched earth march back to the 12th century will be possible. The beltway crowd, want to destroy and humiliate us from the inside out: performing three full time minimum wage jobs simultaneously is considered a triumph; leaving the helpless and the needy in waist high sewage for days on end is a deserving fate for those guilty of being black and poor; turning a budget surplus into a bottomless deficit is considered good for business – and spying on me and mine is considered paternal concern for our own protection, and the whistleblowers are the TRUE criminals. Yeah right.

what's 43 in dog years

I made my own birthday cake. German chocolate with coconut pecan frosting.
I had about 4 bites and then slid into a diabetic coma.
Only one person remembered it was my birthday. Getting older sucks.

Picked up some clothes at the thrift store, as well as a Red Blazer, makes me look like a real estate agent, but who knows I may need it for a funeral.

fur people

Two of my lodgers have left for new homes, well potential new homes. Sammy and Jinxie, A big persian and a little tortoise shell, never could figure out which was which.

Despite all outward appearances, I am not ‘the cat lady’ I am not even a cat collector even a cat fanatic. I only want to own TWO, read: 2. Cats., all the rest I want to find nice a nice home…that isn’t mine.

But I do like sharing my apartment with other people, even if they aren’t bipedal; I am not that bigoted. One of my ideas of hell, would be to come home to an apartment that doesn’t have a heartbeat in it.

This is my life, and its ending one mile at a time.

I wish someone would invent frequent driver miles. For every 2 hours you spend sitting on your ass, you get 2 hours lying on a beach somewhere.

It’s very cold here in the northeast, perfect weather to sit on one’s hinney and read big fat library books. But alas I have to abandon my nice warm duvet and drive 35 miles to stuff envelopes and try to make bricks without straw.

Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out. – Anton Chekhov

Yes, Virginia there is a blog

Our country tis of thee has finally slid over the edge, and has become the evil empire our parents warned us about.

n 1: a political unit governed by a deity (or by officials thought to be divinely guided) 2: the belief in government by divine guidance

“But apparently we liberal, secular fags here at Comedy Central have fired a devastating year-old 6-second long joke, that doesn’t barely even make any sense to us any more, across the bow of Christianity. When you think of Liberals, your thoughts naturally turn to others who’re fighting against Christmas, like the Puritans: the first white Americans who banned Christmas celebrations for 22 years in Boston because they deemed all of them unseemly.” – [Jon Stewart from The Daily Show]

and “You know what? It’s OK. If Bill O’Reilly needs to have an enemy, needs to feel persecuted, you know what? Here’s my Kwanzaa gift to him… Are you ready? All right… I’m your enemy. Make me your enemy. I, Jon Stewart, hate Christmas, Christians, Jews, morality! And I will not rest until every year families gather to spend December 25th together at Osama’s Homobortion Pot-n-Commie Jizzporium.” – [Jon Stewart from The Daily Show]

In the future we will all have blogs

WTF? are our lives so vacuous that we feel the urge to scream into the ethernet wilderness?

What I AM reading:

What I am listening to:

What I am watching:

Google is a cruel Santa

Cruel Santa gives you everything you ever wanted – problem is he gives it to everyone else too. Such is life. I was miserating with Forrest Proper and Judith Tingley the other day, that sure, the internet makes buying the book you want easier, but it hasn’t done that same with browsing. You can easily find what you want, but you still don’t know what you want, you know? Thus the function of old bookshops may have a hacking cough but it’s charm still prevails. Besides, it’s the only place you can get off on that ‘old book’ smell. (kinda like fresh baked cookies, if those cookies happned to be made of old cardboard and dust with a hint of mildew, you get the idea) The argument going round and round at present is whether Google’s Book Search feature is good or bad. Is it the death of circulating libraries and used bookstores? are copyright laws being violated like a drunken prom queen? who the hell knows? It won’t be stopped by silly little lititgations like Perfect 10 porn and publishers v. libraries. There’s too much money involved. Like the internet it just IS, everybody is just fighting over profit sharing.

As I always like a little naughty with my corn flakes I took Google’s Book Search for a test drive. I typed in “Richard Gehman”, a dead writer I particularly like, and I got 347 pages of results. The cloud of results include Gehman’s own books, anthologies where his work has been reprinted, books he is mentioned in personally, and books where his books are referenced. Some give you the entire page or more, some only show the text occurence, but for the most part you get the gist of the book in question. I did get to add a few books to my to-borrow-from-the-library list which is my precursor to the buy-when-I-have-the-money list. GBS did a better job of indexing book contents than the system my library uses. So it has made title browsing much more enjoyable for me, and is head and shoulders better than depending on Amazon’s title suggestion system. My personal opinion is enjoy it while it’s free….cause anything this popular and free won’t be for very long.

evil henchmen
– a peek at the machines that DO the scanning.

DIY – and if you want to build your OWN book scanner we have plans.

day in the life

“Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

one book, one world
Chicago will join with All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature in Moscow to create an Internet book club, moderated by CPL librarians to discuss One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich which is the first selection of the “One Book, One Moscow” program in Chicago’s sister city. Patrons do not need a library card to join the discussion.

old world orders
market for foreign literature becoming more sophisticated in the Russian book market.

all at sea – the good book ship Doulos arrived in Doha Port in Qatar yesterday.

cookies – Doctorow’s The March Wins Pen/Faulkner Award

worth a listenNPR’s round table discussion of the past, present and future of black literature.

NPR interviews Ted Kooser who paid a call on the Hallmark folks while out touting his new book The Poetry Home Repair Manual.

a little research
interesting discussion on NPR’s Talk of the Nation on the rampant internet infection of Cut and Paste Plagiarism

fitted suitM.H. Clark is being sued by an obscure unproduced screenplay writer for having the same plot in one of her novels.

autogenesis – the literary precedents of Margart Atwood’s Long Pen.

illustrator bashingthe illustrator for Madonna’s English Roses was attacked outside of the Crobar.

plastic arts – China prints world’s first env-friendly plastic book.

bilateralism The Benjamin Franklin Library is an actual circulating library in Mexico City which is apparently highly unusual in a country where books are one step up from being a luxury item.

3-day eventing – New York Comic-Con Feb 24-26th

mixed media – TV’s Lost has caused a run on surrealist author Flann O’Brien books.

banktoasterThe Font Thing a free font management software, for those of us with a font fetish. I literally h
ave thousands and this is sweeettt.
No, not all installed at the same time but just in case I need them.

Bullpen Book Club vols 2 & 3

” The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~ St. Augustine

Literary Trips: Following in the Footsteps of Fame,,
ed. Victoria Brooks, 362 pages, 0968613705 –
Literary Trips 2: Following in the Footsteps of Fame ed. Victoria Brooks, 400 pages, 0968613713

True confession. I hardly ever go anywhere. I have elderly humans and a plethora of 4 legged dependents, so for the most part I am a huge armchair traveler. I adode those anthologies of misadventure tales, i’m a sucker for those. I found these two little goodies like everything else, while I was looking up other things. As far as straight travel books I guess they would be considered out of date as they were pubbed in 2000 & 2001, but hell it’s not like I’m gonna be making reservations from these things. Anyways, each chapter is devoted to a aparticular writer who is well known for a particular place: Steinbeck & Central California, Thoreau & Massachusetts, Kafka & Prague, Lowry & Vancouver, Bowles & Tangier, Hemingway & Cuba and so forth and so on…You get nice travel essays about the author and his homeground and some following in their footsteps directions for those that aren’t on the no-fly list. Fascinating stuff for a homebody like me. The travel webzine that published them has more indepth coverage, but don’t buy them from there. No offense to Miss Brooks, but they can be picked up off Marketplace for well under a buck, so with shipping they cost about 6 or 7 bucks for the pair…and we all know what cheapasses booksellers are. So pour a glass of white wine, dig out your flipflops and raybans and lets play anywhere-but-here shall we?

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


A 120 year old poetry book, containing one poem containing the ‘N’ word…has managed to freak out some folks who think the a rare book section of a high school library should be completely sterile and inoffensive…just like the rest of their world. I just keep extrapolating this concept and it wraps itself around my head like a mobius strip. Are we to retroactively scour clean all traces of our history as if it never happened? If so that’s a hell of a lot of books to be burned …this whole rewriting history thing makes my brain bleed.

academic hysteria rears its head in David Horowitz’s the 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.

event calendar item 11th annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair will be held March 18 – wouldn’t organizing for a book fair be anti-anarchy?

Eleanor Atkinson, the author of Greyfriars Bobby will now have a website of her very own.

BTW Kinky Friedman is running for governor of Texas.

the Baltimore sun has a nice interview with Richard Price who’s Freedomland is now up on the big screen.

Our own Ed Smith sent me a copy of Bibliomania: the Documentary, produced by the ABAA about the 2003 California International Antiquarian Book Fair. ..I am not sure if I am supposed to actually write a proper review...i will if someone wants to pay me – who am i kidding? i will do most anything if someone paid me. You will have to be happy with just this: Fer cryin’ out loud, go buy a copy. If you are an exhibitor you may find it redundant but it’s cool to see your friends on film, if you are NOT – you WILL learn something, if ONLY what goes into putting on a fair. I enjoyed it, it was well put togethered, covered many aspects, interviewed many familiar faces – well worth ten bucks…. aren’t WAITING for me to send you ten bucks are you?

obit worth reading: Robert W Peterson author of Only the Ball was White, history of the Negro Leagues.

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