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biblio heresy

For the first time I actually have an opinion about Google Booksearch and you aren’t going to like it.

I LOVE IT. Heresy I know. But for doing research it is the best thing since post-it notes and contrary to popular belief it makes you BUY more books instead of less. Well at least I have. I have bought about a dozen books in two weeks.

If I am researching someone or something, I put it into Google Book search and I can narrow down EXACTLY the book that has what I need. And if it has a substantial amount of information in it, I still have to BUY the book or at least get it from the library Because Google Book search never actually gives you every page, and sometimes you get the index, or part of the index, or just a snippet.If it only has 1 or two lines about the subject, that is usually apparent. And I can still use the book as a citation without tracking down a book for 2 lines of text.

Now I am gonna tell you the cool part. You know how you can’t copy the text from a Google book search page, since it’s basically an image? well I found a way. …I know…more heresy. If you don’t like it stop reading now.

I am not sure how to do this on a Mac. Sorry and it also involves a Microsoft product

If there are on a few lines of text you want to use but don’t want to type it out.
Hit print screen. Open an IMAGE processing program.
Create a new file and PASTE the screen image from your clipboard into the new file and SAVE it as a .TIF Tagged Image Format file.

With MS Office there is a program called MICROSOFT OFFICE DOCUMENT IMAGING.
which likes .TIF files. I had been using it to scan text from books.
Most OCR programs would probably open TIF file as well.

Open the .TIF file in Document Imaging and under tools click
run OCR against the file, then select the text and copy it into a real document.

Sounds like a lot of work and probably is if you are only saving a little text.
But if you are doing a LOT of citations from books, it saves some typing.


time killing • apparently folks like to kill time by constructing elaborate reviews for Amazon items such as Biros and Bic pens – and others of us like to kill time by reading them.

cool tools • Download squad reviews the online utility Vectormagic which lest you convert images into vector graphics….[convert photos and stuff into resizable images such as LOGOS] this is quite cool.

end of stolen books • now THIS is what i’m talking about… Using simple RFID technology you can radio tag your dog, your wife or your car keys and then track them through Google Maps. I have been preaching RFID tagging rare books for years, but folks keep finding excuses not to use them. Some of the tags are quite small and can be slipped into the hollowbacks or bindings. One day someone will preach it louder and everyone will think they are a genius.

When it rains it pours, most of last week I had nearly no orders – this weekend, I have had quite a few . . . but the corollary to selling stuff is you have to spend a lot of the money you just made buying MORE stuff to replaced the previous stuff. So work work work pack pack pack ship ship ship then sit and ponder whom to pay first. Usually I start with the utility most likely to be shut off, then any person I owe money to, then I buy books and stock, and then dear old Erasmus B Dragon – I buy food and shelter.

cool tools • Firefox is my browser of choice, and these days I am driving mostly open source software a lot fewer headaches in the long run. There is an addon to Firefox called Grocery List Generator, which despite its name – can be hacked for other purposes. just delete the few items and categories it comes with and add your own. The button sits on the tool bar and allows you to keep a list as you go. So, besides groceries, I have things such as Errands – bank, Errands – gas, then things I need to do online etc…. and every day or so I print out my list and take it with me. And believe me I have been having a lot more senior moments then I used to, one afternoon spent dragging my mother around and I am likely to forget my name or where I live. Anyways, I found it’s a nice add on.

banktoasters • If you HAVEN’T tried Open Source software you are missing out. Firefox is a great browser, Thunderbird is an email program, Seamonkey is a large featured browser with an idiot proof webpage creator as well as feed reader etc…and those are just the Mozilla products. There are quite a number of Open Source programs out there now (usually free and usually work better than store bought) I would not want to work without Filezilla for file transferring. There is even something that does the job of Photoshop – Gimp.

I run most of these softwares on my PC and ALL of them on my laptop, where the keyboard has finally given up the ghost, the ‘O’ has gone the way of the ‘R’ and the ‘G’ and the Shift-Key. So in case of accident, I spent last night cleaning it’s brain. I ordered a keyboard off ebay, but when I send it to the shop to have it swapped out, I don’t want to find I have lost anything vital.

cool tools • on another Web 2.0 pp, Remember the Milk, a web based task manager which works in concert with a number of organizing applications.

something new • NYT review of HAROLD ROBBINS The Man Who Invented Sex. By Andrew Wilson. well someone had to, imagine all those millennia without it.

naughty naughty • Seinfeld’s wife accused of plagiarising cook book idea, well someone had to. but seriously. . . after handling thousands of cookbooks, i can tell you that there are NO unique cookbooks – just people who think they are.

worth watching • lately I have become addicted to watching the BBC panel show QI on YOUTUBE. nearly all the episodes for the last 5 years are mounted there, cut into less then 10 minutes segments. QI (Quite Interesting) is the brain child of Stephen Fry, and seriously resembles UK radio panel shows. Points are given and taken away frivolously depending on how interesting the panelist is. If we had game shows of this intelligence level in the United States, people’s brains would bleed.

had time to do some surfing tonight ….had to clean the hovel for the coming weather. and I’m too tired to do much else.

cookies • from NPR African-American playwright Lynne Nottage has just been named a recipient of the MacArthur Genius Award.

worth hearing • from NPR, Philip Roth guests on Fresh Air to talk his newest novel, Exit Ghost, is his ninth and final Nathan Zuckerman book.

worth reading • from ( a ha that’s it, can i get paid to write about food? that way i don’t have to worry about being a starving writer?)

cool tools • from Wisebread blog, a nice write up on the most useful Firefox features and addons. I do prefer Firefox to IE – well to tell the truth I abhor IE.


cool tools • FranticIndustries has compiled a list of the 5 best ways to store your files online.
I am such an sucker for Web 2.0 applications, I am so gonna be playing with these.

cool tools² • 25 Best Free Quality Fonts on the internet

April 1 – Edible book festivals abound- dont’ forget to eat a book.

site to see •
Hugh Hollowell of Entrepreneurial Bookselling, started a Yahoo group for book repair advice and ideas, called coincidentally Bookfixers. A few members so far, but not a lot of emails – so perhaps folks can send in their most worrying problems – plenty of room for images) and folks can offer up their ideas about fixes.

worth hearing • from NPR Boston will soon join 39 other US cities when it appoints a Poet Laureate. We’ve always had a poetic tradition here – There was a young girl from Cape Cod, Who thought babies came only from God. . . read more.

cool tools • more things you find while looking for other things. I once got a nice promotional vinyl eraser from and thought it was mightily clever. I never did ask where they had them made. Erasers are much more useful than pens or pencils for booksellers. I am sure there many promoplaces, but i found this one today – Superior Promo, who offer not only square white vinyl but STICK ERASERS, of which you can never have enough.

cool tools – USB heated gloves

Ohhhhh – I SOOO need me a pair of these. If i had a nickel for every time I was sitting in a freezing cold barn entering books into the laptop . . .


Colorful, fashionable have a warming pad inside! Plug them into your USB ports and your hands will become toasty warm.

* Open-end design allows easy finger mobility
* Defrost your hands while gaming, typing and using the mouse
* Made of wool
* Gloves individually connect to USB ports
* 2 level heating controls
* Works with any USB port, e.g. PC, Mac, PlayStation 2 or XBox360
* One Size fits most women
* 5 minutes 10 degree rise
* $22.99

talking heads • Marty Weil gets the bestest interviews over there at the ephemera blog this one’s with Pete Glover is an artist and junk collector living in Oakland, California on his first self-published book, Junk Pirate.

cool tools • MyPublisher has announced the release of BookMaker 2.0, a software tool that lets you make your own photo books. BookMaker is free to download and use; books are printed using MyPublisher’s book printing service. well yeah – they WOULD give you the software for free if you pay them for the printing – cause if they didn’t they’d have to hired editors and layout artists – this way what you see is what you get.

new blog • Tralaloskop has just started an old book blog featuring vintage Polish children’s books.

Like most self employed folks in the US, health care is just a question of money – lately I have been too over medicated to do much typing. Until I find a dentist that will barter services for housecats I don’t see that changing much.

bibliocookies • Book Patrol is drumming up interest in The First Annual Book Blog and Web Awards, I’d vote for that.

worth hearing • from WBUR Longfellow’s 200th birthday and The Longfellow Poetry Forecast.

cookies • Philip Roth won an unprecedented third PEN/Faulkner prize tonight for “Everyman,”. [via Critical Mass

cool tools • offers online filestorage with a 1 gig for free and 5 gigs for $4.99 a month. sounds super nifty, especially for offsite storage of your backup files.

banktoaster •
Free worldwide subway maps from

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