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Workaholics Day

continuing in my week long attempt at sloth . . . . btw the kittens now have a new tripled decker home – but surprisingly still no self cleaning litter box 8(

1687 – Isaac Newton publishes Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica.

can you hear me now? • UPI reports authors are now going around their publishers refusals and are producing their own audiobooks.

obit of note •
Philip Rieff at 83; Noted Sociologist Wrote Books About Cultural Decline.

something new • Bookslut has a review of Book by Book: Notes on Reading and Life by The Washington Post’s Book World editor Michael Dirda.

birthday boy • 1889 – Jean Cocteau, French writer (d. 1963)

banktoaster • the Desk Drawer a Free Writing Exercise Workshop

cool tools • another free piece of software is called Dark Room, a full screen word processing software which is eerilly reminiscent of the old dos word processors some of us remember all too well. The concept is sound – to remove all the crap around the edges of the screen which helps fight the unnatural distraction of writing on a PC.

• For those MS Word users who don’t want to go all the way to black, but like the idea of cutting back on destractions: from MS Word choose >TOOLS>OPTION>GENERAL, check ‘blue background, white text’ – then under >VIEW>FULL SCREEN.

super shopping –
A notebook containing some of the last penned words of Jim Morrison – who died 35 years ago yesterday – is expected to fetch £100,000 at auction later this month.
The private collection of Pierre Beres, a legendary Paris book dealer fetched high prices late on Tuesday in the most closely watched auction of its type in years.
The Cornelius J. Hauck book collection had been sold for more than twice the pre-sale estimate of $4.5 million at Christie’s New York

in from yiah

Fête du Canada

1858 – The joint reading of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace’s papers on evolution to the Linnean Society.

birthday boy
• 1869 –
William Strunk Jr., American grammarian (d. 1946)
• 1899 – Indiana Jones’s birthday.

birthday gal • 1804 – George Sand, French writer (d. 1876)

helpful hint • When you don’t have a bonefolder at hand and are creasing what seems like an endless number of dust jacket covers, a small nylon kitchen pot scraper can be very helpful for getting a sharp crease.

worth reading • from the Concord NH Monitor we have a feature declaring
” It’s increasingly difficult to profit on used books.” well duh!

cool tool • For those of you who wonder how anyone on the net has time to read blogs and websites – a lot of us use feader readers or news aggregators to collect it all and serve it up in edible portions. If you noticed that little box on the sidebar marked FeedBlitz. I use that to give me one email every day with all the site updates from the day before. Most blogs and sites have a feed url, usually the site’s name with ‘\feed’ or ‘atom.xml’ as an extension. I plug that into my Feedblitz page and whenever Forrest writes a new ‘State of Denial’ post, I get it in the mail along with all my spams and spoofs.

blog note • Fine Books and Collections blog has a post about the passing of Collector Frank Streeter

banktoaster • Mediachance has a great collection of free photo & digital camera software that handles a variety of tasks, from making “thumbs” to quick and really excellent digital image enhancement. Photo tools (including thumb-maker) and digital camera tools.

Camera Day

1613 – The Globe Theatre in London, England burns to the ground.

full o’info •
cool tools blog has a nifty post on digital library cards and cheap access to the digital librarys.

birthday boy • 1900 –
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French pilot and writer (d. 1944)

essay • NPR’s James Marcus gives us a review of Ainadamar an opera about the death of Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca by Osvaldo Golijov

naughty • Baytown Texas woman arrested for one overdue library book. ouch!

neo-biblio • the NJ Star Ledger reports on hip-hop literature is also known as gangsta-lit. it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got the bling, baby.

event • The 16th annual Twin Cities Bookfair — showcasing used books, especially rare and hard-to-find editions — will be held July 7 and 8 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

event • the 2nd annual Harlem Book Fair Buffalo taking place on Saturday, July 8th from 11 am to 7 pm in downtown Buffalo, NY.

end of the road • Santa Ana, CA library puts its book mobile up on blocks.

banktoaster • Stan Zielinski over at Children’s Picture Book Price Guide has created a web page of the eighty-one Newbery award winning books with cover art or pictures from one of the illustrators. Glad to see someone ELSE is an inveterate list maker.

everything but the squeal • the pig who appears on Harper Collins reprint of Charlotte’s Web as Wilbur gets reprieved. Wilbur may never know when he becomes a star,” farmer John L. Batey told a reporter after the pictures were taken. “Within a year, he’ll head to market.” Bet he regrets ever saying THAT.

National Chocolate Eclair Day*

this is getting wierd, every computer i have touched in 3 days has crashed. it’s kinda terrifying.

1633 – The Holy Office in Rome forces Galileo Galilei to recant his scientific view that the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the Universe.

1978 – Charon, a satellite of the planet Pluto, is discovered.

birthday boys •
1856 –
H. Rider Haggard, English author (d. 1925)
1898 – Erich Maria Remarque, German writer (d. 1970)
1964 – Dan Brown, American author

birthday girls •
1906 –
Anne Morrow Lindbergh, American author and pilot (d. 2001)
1947 – Octavia Butler, American author (d. 2006)

toys • from Cool Tools blog Dragon Naturally Speaking 8

suiting up • the ACLU is taking up arms against the Miami-Dade School district’s library purge. Vamos a abogados!!

mitzvah • Hawai student book drive nets 1,000 books for Molokai, public library and six elementary schools.

cookies •
Six authors have made the shortlist for the annual Canadian First Novel Award.

better late • the Porter County, IL Public Library rescinded its policy limiting borrowing privileges to homeless people.

event •
Literaries Chuck Palahniuk, Erik Larson, Mary Gaitskill, Sean Wilsey, Greil Marcus, Michelle Tea, Ben Fong-Torres, Alison Bechdel, Charles D’Ambrosio, Gary Shteyngar have all been added to Seattle’s Bumbershoot Urban Arts festival. Sept 2-4.

banktoaster • Polyglot 3000 is an automatic language identifier that quickly recognizes the language of any text, phrase or even single words.

* now THAT I can get behind! recipe

Penny Day

birthday boy • 1891 Pär Lagerkvist, Swedish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1974)

birthday girl • 1910 Margaret Wise Brown, American author (d. 1952)

A Webley Mark VI revolver carried at the Battle of the Somme by JRR Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings, is to go on display next month.

events • National Amusements is offering BOOKWORM WEDNESDAYS which entitles kids to free admission to a select children’s film every Wednesday from June 28th to August 16th at 10 a.m. when they present a book report at participating Showcase/Multiplex Cinemas or Cinema de Lux box office. Accompanying parents or guardians and children under six receive free admission and do not need to submit a book report.

audiofile • NPR’s Susan Stamberg interviews Charles Sheeler about his paintings from photos and the exhibition at the National Gallery in Washington.

something new • From NPR author Philip Seib talks about his new book, Broadcasts from the Blitz: How Edward R. Murrow Helped Lead America into War.

blog of note • A really wonderful Mexican book arts blog from Rodrigo Ortega, a bookbinder in Mexico City: A Caballo Artes del Libro Blog dedicado a las Artes del Libro en México y Latinoamérica

cool tools • Win Schaeffer got his hands on a fairly new useful product: giant Ziploc bags. Configured like big shopping bags. Translucent blue. There is a handhold at the top center and a little hole on each side to go on hooks. 24 inches wide. Two lengths available, the XL at 1.7 feet (10 gallon) and the XXL at 2.7 feet (20 gallon). The plastic is a nice thick 3.25 mil. Gusseted bottom Perfect for storing/transporting lithos, prints, large photos, posters, etc. Also to store styro peanuts, other packing material, matboard, and probably 50 other things. At my Sam’s Club, $8.88 for either a box of 9 XLs or 7 XXLs. Should also be available at larger grocery and hardware stores.

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