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worth hearing • from NPR: Renee Montagne interviews Alexander McCall Smith author of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Renee Montagne the star of the new HBO miniseries.

worth hearing • Commentator Peter Sagal mourns the loss of science fiction author Philip Jose Farmer.

blog of note • NY independent community bookstore Book Culture has a blog post up which I ate with great relish: Ed Park is currently teaching two classes at Columbia University one of which is A Comic Novel, the post lists the required reading.

worth hearing •Nigel Beale, host of the radio show The Biblio File, recently passed through the Twin Cities and interviewed booksellers Rob Rulon-Miller and Kathy Stransky co-owner of Midway Used and Rare Books. (via Book Patrol)

worth reading • the Photography is not a Crime blog has been keeping up with the false arrests and all the ensuing settlements that the NYPD has been involved in. The New York Times has been chronicling these farces, yet not on their front page as they should. There are no laws restricting photography on public places and subway trains are indeed public places, though it seems police departments across the country seem to think it is open season on photographers. At least in the UK they are open enough to try to legitimize their fascism. See War On Photography blog.

kudos • Jeremy reports that all 3,742 titles of Benjamin Franklin’s library is now entirely entered into Library Thing.

i lost a day there somewhere.. i hadn’t meant to spend all day monday at the rescue clinic, but aside from a side trip to RMV hell that’s what happened. my rescued kitten came up slightly positive for leukemia which means it has to be retested in 3 months….where the hell am i gonna keep it until then? and don’t get me started on the registry, my license picture looks like Divine. ugh.

i need to get some orders packed and shipped before the snow comes today – bad part is i have to ship through the ice in front of the cellar door before i can get down there.

this made me smile today:

worth hearing • Mark Bittman has started taking pages from Michael Pollan’s playbook, NPR interviewed him about his new book: Food Matters.

for arts sake

worth hearing • very rarely does news make me cry, it usually makes me angry; the kind of angry that causes me to shatter dishes against the wainscotting, but not usually weep over the general state of affairs. Brandeis University is liquidating the entire art collection from the Rose Museum. WHY? because Brandeis like all universities is hemorrhaging money and its endowments are worth about 9 dollars in S&H green stamps, all thanks to Bernie Madoff and a cast of thousands. Obviously I didn’t go to Brandeis and have never seen the Rose, however, mark my words….this is the first domino and soon enough every other institution worth its salt will be following suit. Art of all sorts that had once been available for public enjoyment will be hammered down to disappear into private collections most likely OUTSIDE of the country. It will take generations for our institutions to build up their public collections again.

science isn't optional

wasn’t the sun just a little bit brighter today? i was in such a good mood, i didn’t even go ballistic when i found out my sonofbitch brother had let my mother’s newspaper lapse in December. what a dick.

worth reading • DNA testing may make dating medieval manuscripts easier. wicked cool eh?

well worth reading • from the huffington Post, Marty Kaplan writes about the ‘Science of 44‘. ‘”We will restore science to its rightful place.” That’s the line I didn’t see coming. ‘

worth hearing • this American Life had an inauguration episode, which mentioned, President Obama’s video message to November’s conference on climate change in Los Angeles. (hint:not only does he think we did it, but he thinks we should STOP doing it- ain’t that new and different?)

book review • from the guardian Rimbaud: The Double Life of a Rebel by Edmund White

worth reading today

worth reading • seeing as how we are at that time of year where all those piles of invoices have to be distilled into a tax return,’s post “How to Go Paperless and get more work done” sounds enticing. I wonder if they offer a guarantee with that?

well worth reading • Ephemera blog has a guest post by Adrienne Crew on Estate Planning for Ephemera Collectors.

worth reading • Mental Floss blog has a fun little piece Bedroom Quirks of 10 Great Authors, taken from Secret Lives of Great Authors by Robert Schnakenberg

blog of note • gave us the heads up about lexicographical blog called Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary from Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

worth hearing • on that note, NPR’s On Point had a show on Samuel Johnson at 300, featuring Jeffrey Meyers the author of “Samuel Johnson: The Struggle.” I ended up sitting in the driveway listening to it.


worth hearing today

worth hearing • Guy Raz interviewslanguage consultant Jeremy Butterfield, author of A Damp Squid: The English Language Laid Bare.

worth hearing redux • NPR’s Talk of the Nation has a series of eight interviews with the authors from Grove/Atlantic series, Books That Changed the World, for example P.J. O’Rourke on ‘The Wealth of Nations’, Janet Browne on ‘the Origin of Species’, Christopher Hitchens on ‘The RIghts of Man’, Karen Armstrong on the Bible. I am working my way throught this series of book biographies, as they are completely fascinating.


Thanksgiving was gloriously uneventful, a little reading, a little laundry, some overeating followed by a nap…. THAT’s an effing holiday in my book…..Now Black Friday on the other hand. I had sworn off participating in a national day of gluttony with a body count – but i did end up experiencing another national holiday activity, the trip to the emergency room. Four days ago, herself took a spill after a fire drill at the home. Today she was achy and insisted that they call me instead of an ambulance; she didn’t want anyone to make a fuss. Six hours sandwiched between the other elderly trip and falls and the screaming babies, listening to her recount a list of my personal failings. I stuck my nose in a book for as long as possible. In the end nothing was found.

worth reading • from the Guardian, the struggling booksellers of Paris.

well worth reading • Laura Miller has an on culling books from your collection in the Sunday NY Times Book Review.

worth hearing • From NPR – a Thanksgiving Tradition with Bailey White

well worth hearing • from NPR Jeff Martin talks about his new book The Customer is Always Wrong: The Retail Chronicles.

Suffering from blogger’s block, normally I am just either lazy or busy, now basking in this post politic-coital bliss I am at a loss for words. Like a huge percentage of the world and a moderate percentage of the United States I am quite pleased with Tuesday’s results and having fantasies of not seeing the world blow up live on CNN. But it seems another percentage is seriously disappointed that our march over the neo-con cliff has been curtailed. Some mofo took the time and effort to park on a busy street, climb a hill to the middle of my lawn and shred my Obama sign. Somehow I think it’s a better souvenir because of it.

blog of note • Mad bookseller blog has the skinny on this year’s Bulwer Lytton contest…my favorite “Like an overripe beefsteak tomato rimmed with cottage cheese, the corpulent remains of Santa Claus lay dead on the hotel floor.”

worth reading • Maud Newton has a post on Graham Greene: A Life in Letters

well worth hearing • NPR’s On Point has a lovely appreciation of Michael Crichton

but even better is their piece on the Great John Leonard

we live in interesting times • Mississippi children threatened with discipline and explusion if they say President Obama’s name. Racism in the 21st century…who knew?

all souls

work reading • do you know that now? Hell he could write about navel lint and I’d read it.

worth reading • CNN/AP has a nice write up on Sarah Vowell and her new book Wordy Shipmates, which by the way i read and seriously rocks.

worth hearing • NPR’s Remembrances of Studs Turkel , Always appreciated a good interview.

worth hearing • NPR’s appreciation of Tony Hillerman

The new ‘guys’ moved in today.. guys – the kind that I have shoes older than… you know the kind where the 1st thing they hang over the 150 year old fireplace is a mirrored Budweiser sign? Yeah, totally harmless. I told them I didn’t care what they did as long as it wasn’t permanent. and the 1st one that calls me ‘Mam’ loses a testicle.

In case anyone cares, I am reading Hotel Babylon by anonymous, about how the idle rich spend their money and waste their time. I’m making soups…lots of soups…cheap to make, filling to eat, Leek and Potato, Bean, Chili – I remember how from the last recession…buckle up baby boomers it’s going to be bumpy.

BTW – check out the Fall is you are looking for something to see, but you MUST watching it on a big ass color tv….bigger the better, it’s really pretty.

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