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WOD yap, yapped

yap, yapped. A binding featuring a cover that overlaps the three edges of both upper and lower covers continuously. The covers are always limp or semi-flexible, and are sometimes fitted with a zipper. Named after Wm. Yapp a 17thc Bible merchant who designed a limp leather binding for bibles to be carried in the pocket. […]

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WOD – headband

headband n. A functional and/or ornamental decorative strip of silk or woven threads attached to the top and bottom of a book’s spine to fill the gap normally found there. It does provide extra strength to the top of the spine when the book is unshelved by pulling on the head.

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WOD – offset (2)

offset (2) n. the transfer of ink or acidity from one page to another, as in the case of an ink inscription touching the facing page. “. . . endpapers have offset from laid in newspaper clipping.”

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really useful urls

Please feel free to send additions or corrections. ToolsFAXZERO – send faxes for freeEFAX – receive faxes for freePROPAY – process credit cards online (not free but not overly expensive)123PIX – free secure credit card order entryShippingUSPS Priority supplies USPS Domestic& International Shipping calculator USPS Track and Confirm USPS International Rates & Restriction Index Royal […]

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Useful contact info

Please email with any changes, additions, or deletions: 800-747-2699 USA and Canada 800-315-5335 / other 250-475-6013 / 250-475-7575 / UK 44-211-7117069-40 877-254-2747 / 510-594-4573 / 510-652-2403 / 510-594-4500 / 207-894-8460 / seller services seller support • 1-877-251-0696/US and Canada: (800) 201-7575/206-346-2992 / 206-266-2992/ 206-266-2335 / 206-266-1000 to get […]

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the approval of seals

“Writers are a little below clowns and a little above trained seals.” John SteinbeckReviewsThe Devil’s Football – H.L. Mencken remembered.Speak of the Devil – Richard HawkePersepolis – Marjane SatrapiVeronica – Mary GaitskillGötz and Meyer – David AlbahariTwilight of the Superheroes – Deborah EisenbergWorld as Laboratory: Experiments With Mice, Mazes, and Men by Rebecca LemovUncentering the […]

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