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I am blogging my move from Methuen to Saco Maine. I have been entrenched in this house since the 70s, nestled in with all my things and cats and obligations. It will be an interesting experience to divest myself of a lot of stuff, physical and emotional and see where I end up.

junk in the trunk

Today I pushed out a couple more books that had been in the pipeline…one about Dolly Copp who left her husband after 50 years in the 19th century, saying “Hayes is well enough. But fifty years is long enough for a woman to live with any man.” Good for her. I have been trying to […]

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greener fields

Why the fuck am  i looking at other towns?   I keep seeing very affordable or even fixable houses elsewhere but i keep coming back to Greenfield.      I actually tried NOT looking in Greenfield for a few days…and the more i looked at other towns the more i saw that what i liked […]

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house to house searches

Why pray tell am i looking at houses now? this beast isn’t even LISTED yet. if i see something that’s a good deal i certainly can’t put the damn thing on layaway. Besides i also can’t get out there and SEE them. Damn there are fuck all for pictures of houses on the internet. One […]

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host of friends

I went over and told my friend Steve last night.  my phone was still disconnected for non payment…its fixed now… so i dldnt call first, and there i am at 9pm on his stoop ringing the bell, shifting my weight to keep the motion sensor light from going out… .9pm no worries,  he was just […]

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flogging the kitty

cute huh? well their cute is wearing off… i have 6 left, and nearly all of them still have the runs. They aren’t technically ready for adoption for another 2 weeks, but they won’t be unless i can knock out the smelly kitten thing. oF course these will be my last fosters here. Not that […]

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Valley Girl

So far the only thing I am 80% sure of,  unless something better comes along…“unless something better comes along” – i need that on a t-shirt – the only decision I have made that i am comfortable with, is ending up in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts,unless something better comes along. I have my eye […]

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i can be poor anywhere

So the database has finally been restored…it still takes a while to load and locks up on me, so i am back where i was last thursday. But fuck it. it gets fixed or doesn’t. While it was down the sink hole, i got think about life without it. Not that i am married to […]

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