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Methuen Riverwalk Christmas at night Canon AE-1P Kodak 400 at 2 mins 50mm lens 10°F at 11:30pm December 1 2008 © J Godsey So far the city hasn’t offered any apologies for stealing my work, apparently just removing the image is considered a do-over.   Oh joy now I have to actually DO something about […]

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different day, same nutjobs

I always do what the writing on the truck tells me….. one of these days these guys are gonna figure out i am only there for the paycheck…but alas today was not the day. another day hauling around what amounts to a small dead forest in the name of statistics; the carbon footprint on this […]

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Spicket River Full Throttle

Spicket River Full Throttle, originally uploaded by jgodsey. it’s about 15 feet higher than normal

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Spicket River Falls

Spicket River Falls, originally uploaded by jgodsey. Todays shot of the falls, seems Olsen Electric is working on their outlow pipe. looks like it’s gonna be a very wet may.

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Nevins Memorial Library Old section

Nevins Memorial Library Old section, originally uploaded by jgodsey. this is part of the old part.i need to start carrying a tripod or a flash.

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