Okay so am feeling a little overextended today.  24 hours ago I was assembling red cross cots for the emergency shelter put up in the Grammar School gymnasium.  Early this year I signed up for Community Emergency Response Team, i dunno, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  Most of the time whenever some part of the town loses heat or gets flooded out – I am sitting up here on my hill quite safe, warm and bored as usual.  Last night about 900 homes lost their gas heat and we were called us out ‘just in case’.  Afterwards I grabbed a few hours sleep and at 7:30 headed off to a spay/neuter clinic until about 6:30pm, when i meet up with a couple of people to put the finishing touches on the Methuen Rail Trail Alliance’s 501(c)(3) filing with the powers that be. In between all this I managed to feed the flying circus and keep some semblance of normal life.(semblance is my word for the week – it means specious appearance, specious you have to look up for yourself.)  I must look like hell my eyes are at half mast regardless of my chemical consumption.  I  got my green CERT lanyard last night with my official ID badge, unfortunately is carries a picture of a woman with two chins and gray streaked hair.  I’m gonna have to get them to correct that someday.


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