A couple of years ago i joined the neighborhood community emergency response team – just chalk it up as another item in a long line of crap i have filler my life with to keep busy. Not that i don’t enjoy downtime. I’ve been goofing off something fierce the last two days. Basically avoiding work knowing it will still be there when i get recharged. But the idea of not having a selection if reindeer games ahead of me, might let me slip into that zone where you spend weeks under the covers.

Anyway. Our CERT team used to be among the best in the state. But our new elderly pennywise pound foolish mayor drew a line through the emergency directors job. Now we have none and the team is dangerously close to disbanding. And the only feedback i can get from above is “well we haven’t had any emergencies have we?” Yeah pretty fucking short sighted attitude.

Ive gotten certified in a few things small animal handling, of course, basic cpr etc…Over the last year or so i have collected up my own rescue gear. The town provided me with a hat i don’t wear and finally a vest. Though i recently ordered a hard hat from ebay.

Next couple if weeks i have two training seminars scheduled. The incident command system prerequisite course and one i’m really looking forward to. Social media for disaster response and recovery. Last year when Massachusetts had a tornado do a bit of damage they managed to do a great deal with twitter and the like. So it will be interesting to see what they have learned.

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