Cést la vie d'Internet.

The new bookshop blog has apologized for using my phone list without proper accreditation. I was only really pissed for the length of time it took me to write the post. I guess i was more surprised than angry. Considering how small the book blog universe is, that kinda of thing wouldn’t be done with malice unless someone really didn’t give a damn. Usually it’s just carelessness. Hell, I am sure I have used more than a few words that didn’t entirely belong to me, and would grovel appropriately when called on the carpet. Cést la vie d’Internet.

The really big plagiarism problem in online bookselling is description piracy. For some reason folks think it’s OKAY to steal someone else’s book description to use for themselves. There has always been a little pilferage here and there, of bit of code or text to fill in a blank. But the wholesale looting of catalog descriptions comma for comma, including the typos is just rampant.

As I have said before, I don’t own anything worth suing for so I am more than willing to out these idiots. Feel free to send in your examples of blatant word for word Description Theft and I will post them in big block lettering. Since homeland security no longer lets me mail dead fish to people, bad words are all the ammo I have left to me.

Apology accepted –
go now and sin no more.

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