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Good news everyone! Someone (besides Oprah) is selling something to someone in this crazy business! Time Warner is selling its book group to Lagardère for $537.5 million. What does this mean to the average bookseller on the street? absofreakinglutelynothing. Decisions made at the megaconglomerate level don’t usually trickle down to us. But it does indicate that booksales are up across the board. If they weren’t even the French wouldn’t buy publishing interests. So what does that leave us with the big three? Viacom, Bertelsmann and Lagardère. In case you were wondering, Columbia Journalism Review has a lovely little Who Owns What thingy. (my that must keep them on their toes.)

Power shopping: Lagardére is still in the mood to do more shopping and may take Simon and Schuster off Viacom’s hands. I’m not sure if i like the fact that what? 75% of the US publishing will be owned by European companies?…oh who the hell am I kidding? The big corps haven’t published anything worth reading for years.

Free stuffBMW is giving free audiobooks! granted they will feature BMWs in the text, but if the quality of the previous downloadable film series was any example they should be worth a listen. BMW AUDIOBOOKS

Who gives a damn? the finger pointing has started in the JT Leroy debacle.

Dead horse beating: Slate bats around the idea of Reality Fiction.

Obits worth reading: Anyda Marchant, author & publisher at 94.

Who’s buying what? Paradox Entertainment has picked up the rights to Robert E Howard’s complete library…which means we are gonna be seeing a lot more REH stuff showing up on dvd. I almost didn’t post this…I am not sure if i care.

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