chaos theory

Canadian award-winning journalist, author, and filmmaker Josh Freed, has defended his lifestyle in “My Messy Life.” An original documentary directed by and starring Freed himself, takes a light-hearted look at clutter in a symbolic act of defiance against what Freed calls the “tyranny of the tidy.”

The hour-long documentary features the unkempt quarters of other notable figures such as Canada’s former justice minister Irwin Cotler, Internet guru Esther Dyson, and television mainstay Joe Franklin. Meeting other self-confessed slobs led Freed to develop his own version of the chaos theory — whereby messes promote creative thinking. Rummaging through the piles is like going on an archeological dig, Freed says in the film. “I excavate ideas.”

I’m impressed, even half that chaos would send me into a frenzy. Don’t get me wrong a little chaos is not a bad thing, but my theory is if you can’t find it, you can’t sell it.

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