So i took an OCR file, cleaned it up,(harder than it sounds) edited it. Formatted it. Made a pass at indexing it. And mow i think i don’t want it. Yeah i will publish it eventually, waste not want mot. But i am very underwhelmed about this one. Its boring and not even in the way fat history books full of events gets boring on the fifth pass. This is boring because the lady led a pretty boring life.

Shes a local a woman and what passed for a successful author in the late nineteenth century. But to tell you the truth i cant remember one word in that book. The TEMP cover is slowly becoming permanent..its nondescript like the book.

I am going to put it aside for a while. My thought is to MAKE it more interesting. It needs an introduction which covers most of her life And perhaps some endnotes which inserts some less boring material into it. I dunno. But i was led to believe she was more interesting than thought she was.


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