Charles Addams Day

1711 –
The last issue of Joseph Addison’s The Tatler was published. Begun in 1709, it was a pioneer publication in English journalism.
1748 – Lord Chesterfield wrote to his son “There is hardly anybody good for everything, and there is scarcely anybody who is absolutely good for nothing,”
1814 – Lord Byron completes The Corsair
1818 – Byron finished Canto IV of Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage
1859 – Erastus Beadle published The Dime Book of Practical Etiquette.
1894 – Poet/novelist Robert Nathan is born, New York City.
1897 – Stephen Cranes boat The Commodore sinks off the coast of Daytona Beach in Florida. Crane and three others escape in a lifeboat, an experience that he describes in Stephen Crane”s Own Story” and The Open Boat.
1912 – Charles Addams cartoonist is born (d. 1988)
1919 – Charles Willeford is born, Little Rock, Arkansas. Novelist (d 1988)
1920 – Isaac Asimov is born near Smolensk Russia (d 1992)
1924 – The publishing firm of Simon and Schuster was founded, its first title was, The Cross Word Puzzle Book, it was the first collection of crossword puzzles ever printed.
1929 – Max Perkins, meets Thomas Wolfe for the first time. Perkins says the wild-haired 28-year-old made him think of what Shelley must have been like.
1942 – Writers Sinclair Lewis & Dorothy Thompson divorce in Woodstock, Vermont, after 13 years of marriage.
1983 – Gary Trudeau takes a 20-month break from writing Doonesbury

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