Cheeta the chimp turns 74

birthday boy • at 74 Cheeta is the oldest known chimpanzee.

mitzvah • collection of 200 rare ‘Dracula’ related items to be given to the Dublin Ciity Library by the Bram Stoker Society.

events • the first Saturday of every other month nets a tidy sum for the Boston Public Library.

inside view • interesting profile of Wendy Strothman who left Houghton Mifflin to become a literary agent.

bookship • on 12 April, the MV Doulos will dock at Chennai harbour, India.

essay • Twin Cities novelists use coffee shops as their personal literary salons.

taking head • playwright Declan Hughes talks about the Dublin underworld in his new novel.

banktoaster • the IBlist and the IBDOF are both trying to do for books what the IMDB does for movies. seems to me it would be like nailing jelly to a tree, you only had 115 years of movies to index.

thanks to all those who have stuck by me, and continue to visit the bullpen this week. i have most of my voice back and can breathe pretty well, but i still feel like i have been stuck by a mack truck doing 95 in the ouside lane or perhaps i only wish i felt that good.

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