cherrystones and screwdrivers

good god, i forgot how bloody painful this working for a living thing is. two weeks of horribly long commutes and 12 hour days and now a week of standing at a podium reciting from a book…for the first time in my life i have doubts about my voice holding up, and i can just tell there is cement under this damn floor.

but i did finally make it to my first paycheck without getting fired for anything….and there was joy throughout the land…between that and half of what was left in my mother’s bank account, I have managed to buy nearly everything my heart desired…well everything on my “must have or i will be out of business bloody quick” list…restocked all the products, new keyboards all around, new laptop battery, new cell phone…reimbursed all the actual humans I owe money to….and got even with nearly all of the utility bills…i learned my lesson from the last Census gig : “don’t expect it to last as long as they promised”

I even shelled out for some new sneakers…these are the only feet i have and i still need them for a while. the very old truck and moderately old stove are the next on the to do list, so i’m counting the days until the next paycheck or three.

the days still seem interminable, if i get anything done at all it has to be before dawn. I can barely lift my feet or my arms at the end of the day; the only thing that i have to look forward to is a self indulgent treat of half dozen cherrystones and a grey goose screwdriver…i realize when i am back living off my own earnings, I won’t be able to afford either very often if at all, but it does alleviate some of the pain, the physical and the psychic.

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