chicka chicka boom boom

tomatoeschicken-clip-art-2  I spent the evening reading the zoning ordinances for Greenfield, Ma.  Apparently YOU can have either a greenhouse or fewer than 10 chickens in any of the residential areas, you just need a special permit.   So if i DO find a property that would be conducive to either of those activities, i should be able to get a permit.   Not that I HAVE to have a few chickens, but i do like me some fresh eggs.

Most folks i know who have had backyard chickens have had a problem with predators, and I will certainly be bringing my own, but i would like the option.   Same thing with the greenhouse, that is also something where i would like the option in case I find a property with more lawn than i would like.  I figure I invest in a greenhouse and grow some of my own food for a while until I get the hang of it and then produce some heirloom varieties to sell locally.  Don’t LAUGH, I used to do this kind of thing you know….back in the day, i grew sone damn find vegetables.  I just want to keep ALL of my options open.

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