chicken heart

I started thanksgiving a little early…after selling so much this week and paying the phone, internet and car insurance…a WIDDLE bit towards the truck repair…(i still owe $400…but i have a few more dvds to sell. )  I had my heart set on roasting a chicken.  Most chickens are around $5-$6, so i can splurge a little and get a few meals out of it….

Needless to say the Holiday season has changed the available poultry scene at the store, they are all large and fat and injected with water and hormones and so i get the smallest cheapest one i can find… I am limited to what my Countertop Oven can hold anyway.   Upon dissecting the chicken ..the giblets bag contained…a green heart..not a blackish rotten color but a bright green chlorophyll color – yes i know that the giblets don’t come from the chicken at hand..but i just couldn’t cook that chicken – i actually considered photographing it, but i didn’t want to have that image in my computer and stumble upon it years later and say…oh yeah….hearts can be green…ick.….and it all got exchanged for a chicken the same size with surprisingly NO heart at all in the giblets liver either just a neck…go figure… regardless this $6 roasting chicken is fatter than the normal chicken available and wouldn’t fit in the pan nevermind the oven. So it was cooked in shifts…the leg quarters  then the breasts…i already cut off the back and wings for the freezer/stock ingredients.

In the end I got my chicken fix…and annoyed my roommates who are NOT getting any of my bird.

I usually don’t go anywhere for holidays..i try to join friends who have open houses feeding all the lost souls..and I may indulge in that if i have the gas money this week.   But I DO like the cooking part.  In previous years i have cooked all my favorite dishes..the ingredients ARE on sale after all…and then stowed them in the fridge so i get the Leftovers, which is one of the great by products of holiday.

One of the uncluttering chores i have been doing is sifting through old computer files..including recipes..most of them are 10 years old or older…including the Brown Rice and Spinach stuffing recipe… i may have to make that soon.

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