China syndrome

So I started reading this book about doing without Chinese made products…. Well its about a write who takes her family on a year long experiment to see if it can be done… Apparently from the various reviews of the book .. By her methods it can’t be done. Using various methods to acquire needed items by non pocketbook methods they manage to get to the end of the year with their lifestyle unchanged. I will probably finish reading the book anyway, the author is readable enough and the entire idea is thoughtworthy but if one was looking for an instruction manual for going on a china diet this isn’t the book. After rooting around on the Internet I figured out there is no manual perse, one needs to take each opportunity to acquire at a time. Even the book ‘called’ How an American can buy American, focuses on buying from American owned companies that make their stuff OUTSIDE the US.

Needless to say the easily suggestible part if my brain started going thru everything in my home looking for ‘Made in China’ including the device I am typing this on. I don’t tend to buy anything plastic or well NEW aside from devices and media to play on it. Since I nor anyone I know is ready to join the Amish, doing without even the minimum number of devices such as a TV, a Cablebox and a Cellphone would be impossible. I suppose some of these items are still made in Korea and Taiwan etc… That would be an interesting study but what would be the point? A product made outside the US is still something transported IN to the US and if i am not mistaken we never made cell phones or cable boxes here nor any sort of modern TV.

I’m gonna make a blatant assumption that a consumable product or basically any product that doesnt declare it’s origin was probably made outside the US…my CVS mouthwash has nothing to declare while my Toms of Maine practically screams it. Putting my ethics where my mouth is, I have vowed to spit it out when I use it.

I will let you know if I find any chinese made items that I am ashamed to own or at least unexpected。I cam pretty much guaranteed all my DVDs and CDs hailed from asia. Even a blank disc burned in the US would still be of Asian product wouldn’t it?

Getting back to thke books core premise of doing without Products from China because of our obvious trade imbalance, I would Propose a much more realistic solution that everyone cut their Chinese consumption down to bare minimum, or rather increase your US consumption as high as possible – 75/25 buying mostly US would be ideal. However anyone with children would be stuck becoming Amish nudists for 18 years.

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