glassjars The longer i wait in this holding pattern the more time I have to overanalyze my lifechoices and  screw around with the minutiae that makes up my life…….I’ve considered everything i can possibly about the new house without actually HAVING ONE, and i have made a lot of decisions about what is coming with me from my old life, both literal and figurative.  I really would like to shed a lot of the mental crap that has built up inside my head..though my rooms in the apartment are pretty spartan, the rooms in my head resemble a magpies nest, filled with crap.

Ferinstance, I have been trying to eat through the freezer and the open products in the cupboard.  Of course i don’t HAVE a moving date or even somewhere to move to, but there is no sense in waiting to the last minute right?  The Freezer is where i keep a lot of homemade stuff, I can’t wait to buy a bigger one.    While I am at this, I have been phasing a lot of plastic and packaging, not really en masse, just as i went along.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of stuff that has to be plastic in the modern age.  Plastic free is a fantasy, refridgerators and computers prove it.

Since I won’t have my glorious sin expunging dumpster after I move, i have been REALLY trying to get my ‘trash’ trash generation down as much as possible, and recycle nearly everything.     Last couple of weeks I deliberately measured my trash versus recycling output.  Litter box contents not withstanding, i produce very little trash that can’t be recycled and that’s mostly plastic wrapping from food stuffs.   Yes, I did feel rather smug about it.   By volume most of the ‘trash’ i generate is cardboard and packaging.  Shipping boxes coming IN can’t be reused to general customers unless the are spotless and printing free.   Boxes coming in are usually much larger than i need to ship things, so I would never reuse them all, but these go into the town recycling.  Third class and junk mail nevermakes it into the house, so that’s easy.  Packing peanuts and bubble and balloon packing are not recyclable, so that can only go out the way it came in, otherwise i will have a lot of problems.


I fell in love with this new fangled design for a kitchen trash can, it’s brilliant, but grotesquely expensive. I think making this sort of thing affordable would go a long way to encourage the average family to recycle more. By insisting that open bins are your only recycling choice puts a lot of people off, not everyone has a mud room to hide their sins. I think my choice will be to use the regular kitchen trash can for recycling and squish the non recyclables into a small bin under the sink. Here they only pick up recycling every two weeks, it will be way easier to recycle more when I move to a town with a weekly recycling pickup.

I do reuse the Atlas printed spaghetti sauce jars for spices and such, but as i have discovered from research it is nearly impossible to buy clean replacement lids for this type of jar. Trust me i have tried.     Mostly i use the plastic containers from Walmart and the Dollar store, but as i empty them, they got donated or recycled.  (actually i still love the plastic square jars…and those have proven to be perfect for storing products, i can see at a glance which things I am low on.)

Like most overly housey women i have an affection for Ball Jars, though I have never indulged. I just don’t have the cupboards for it.  And I treated myself to about $15 of ball jars the other day, actually buying the tall jars by accident. There are a lot of Life without plastic websites out there,  and there are a lot of cottage industries selling and producing non plastic variations on things for people to buy.  But you work with what you got and Ball Jars at $10 for 12 beats even the dollar store.

Ball_pint_and_half_pint_jars-Lo copyBasically i found a use for all of them pretty quickly.  The Widemouth half pint turned out to be perfect for my homemade butter, salsa and guacamole, even though there’s never any leftover guacamole.  I saw one of the websites, use the wide mouth jars for cheese and bacon and so forth.  I put a mesh top on one and use it for my lose garlic and shallots.  The Tall pint and a halves, perfectly fit one sleeve of Jaffa Cakes, which since they aren’t biscuits, cant’ go in a jar with the rest of the biscuits.   I hope I can build some appropriate cupboards to incorporate them into the new place.  But I think using them inside the fridge will be a really great way not to let food go to waste. The food containers were opaque anyway.

I do NOT want to have to figure out how to move  a lot of glass containers with dry storage. that just sounds like an accident waiting to happen.  So i will keep trying to eat my way through anything that is already opened and anything that can’t stay in storage for a few weeks of gettting settled.   The dollar store is great for buying small containers of food stuffs I can consume without leftovers.

Speaking of choices…we now have 3 offered on the house – the 1st one that came in over a week ago,  the lawyers,  of which there are THREE now..Mine, theirs and Himself’s.. are working on a P&S that everyone is happy with.  Meanwhile we have been showing the house…must be the melting of the snow….and we have a solid offer for $10K less than the one on the table, and a very iffy one for $10 more than the first one.   Although an embarrasment of riches, it is very much a hurry up and wait situation.   It is an odd situation where my cooking and eating is actually contributing to the moving process…i need a jaffa cake.

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