chop chop

right now i am persona non grata within the present Mayor’s office, can’t put that on facebook, as he is a facebook ‘friend’. one of the drawbacks to having a lot of facebook friends from different eras of your life…two previous employers who both let me go ‘friended’ me on facebook – isn’t THAT awkward. As for hissoner, he has until january, then i see the back of him. I have been the official squeaky wheel getting the rail trail project moved inch by inch and i had to get extra squeaky lately..he didn’t appreciate it. the Brush axe above is my personal reward to myself. Tomorrow hissoner signs the contract with the developer i brought to the city to do the project for nothing. (see Iron Horse Preservation) that and the fifty other things i have done to benefit the project for the last 3 years are being rewritten so that hissoner gets all the credit, which i knew was coming. I don’t really give a shit about credit – i just hate being erased. Many better men have tried and failed to erase me and my contributions. Needless to say i still have a lot of work to do, to make sure they don’t fuck it up – my work is never done.

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