clothes heaven

Recently I sent my favorite pair of shorts to ‘heaven’ which is the kitchen trashcan. They weren’t exactly worn thin, but i had lost too much weight and i was wearing them anyway. But i loved them and would have easily bought another smaller pair if i had the chance.

I will occasionally put clothes out to pasture that i truly adore despite the stains and tears and shabby unchic-ness of the item. It’s difficult but it’s like putting a pet to sleep, you have to admit to yourself that it’s time or even past time. I had an Exhusband once who had an unnaturally attachment to an exceedingly shrunken and worn thin baseball t-shirt. When I need to find the strength to put ‘down’ a favorite piece of clothing, i just think on that much hated shirt: i loathed the shirt a long time before i loathed the man inside it.

Pictured is my next favorite piece of clothing…a rayon shirt from a Sears reproduction fashion line. I have been trying to replace it but so far ebay has yielded nothing. So, I try to take care of it, but i have washed it too much and it is quite limp and becoming thin and susceptible to future tears. If i was overly sentimental I’d stop wearing it and just store it…but then i’d have a closet full of favorite but unwearable clothing. i’d rather wear it until it wears out and then send it to clothing heaven to make room for another favorite thing.

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