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i started selling clothes on ebay. not MINE of course…but i finally woke up. i have been cruising the clothes on ebay fror years..even though in the real world i shop at thrift stores…HEY…i get name brands and i have a wider selection without all the artificial pricing structure. Besides i really know textiles. Usually i dont’ have money to invest in more products that may or may not sell…still don’t but i was feeling adventurous last week. the rules are…i can’t buy anything i can’t list at $50 or more, i can only reinvest money made from the clothes in clothes, and i cant buy more than a couple of things a week cause – sort of a 1 in 1 out deal. It all has to fit in the cedar closet anyway.

So far I have sold about 3 things at $50 each so i’m in the black..well still broke but the tiny influxes of money are helpful. this 6XL Starter Jacket and 2 others were hanging on the rack at the Salvation Army…all unworn all with tags. this one had a security tag..which i easily removed. They are up on ebay for $50 each though i think the sold for well over 100 when new. I think someone in Poland will buy this one soon. My first experiment with Ebay’s new PitneyBowes international shipping. 6XL is a hell of a big jacket and will only fit in a large USPS priority box which ships for $77 bucks now….no shit….77 bucks! i KNOW talk about exhtortion rates.

Among the rules for things i will take the chance on are high ticket items, especially ones with tags…and handmade items – usually from north western europe…though the norwegian handknit sweater isn’t getting as many hits as i expected..there are 2 others of that pattern but they are priced much higher than $50. the Irish made stuff went almost immediately. Not sweaters, 1 jacket and 1 hunting vest. I may have to expand my shopping rounds to thrift stores in better towns. Usually i have to skip the really nice goods because they dont’ fit…but considering i am buying to resell …ah the thrill of the hunt. i was missing that.

Among the things i found the other day was a poly fleece jacket from WBCN the rock radio station of my youth…the last historic rock station to be murdered in the Boston Market. There isn’t another one on the internet..just a hat at 60 bucks…it the hat is 60 the jacket has gotta be over 200 but i just can’t bear to part with it. in fact i didn’t take it off for two days. and now it’s covered in cat hair so i’m sure no one else would want it right?

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