Got caught up on a few minor things, like sleep – the cat that required 24 hr medical treatment finally became someone else’s problem, I felt like I hadn’t slept for 4 months….oh yeah I hadn’t. No offense, I like animals and all, but Ii seriously disliked that one and every time I looked at it I felt bad for disliking it. It’s not the cat’s fault it’s sick or that no one wants to take care of it. I feel like a gutless bastard – but I sure do like sleep.

and speaking of animals . . . like the segue? yeah it bites I know I just woke up . . . I found two more items for my Xmas list – a couple of things based on the works of Don Marquis – a dvd of the 1971 animated version based on the 1954 broadway show that crashed and burned; and a CD containing I am thinking a lot of the same material. I would really would prefer the 1954 cast recording cause in my mind Mehitabel always sounds like Eartha Kitt – but that version isn’t on the market. But that’s the wonder of the internet, you can find anything if you look long enough.

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