comics for the rest of us

When’s the last time you read a ‘comic’ book ? I mean a real one with pictures. . . .yes that’s what I figured. Keeping with my habit of being slow on the uptake, I found one a great deal of crossover appeal:

Rex Libris by James Turner published by SLG Publishing (Vol 1.1 Aug 2005). I got vol 1 today and am awaiting issues, 2 through 7 with bated breath. Rex Libris is our librarian superhero who squares off constantly with the forces of evil who threaten the public library system. Spoiler alert: in episode one, Rex defeats the Evil Samurai Demon who wishes to take out Evil Made Easy sans library card by luring him to the history section where he becomes easily distract by the glut of books on WWII carnarge allowing Rex to steal his Sword of power.

The books have a hilarious frontispiece describing them as ‘Visicomboics’ for the discerning reader who wants to have a more transcendent experence when reading a comic book. Each issue also has a footnote running commentary by the creators – (like an alt track commentary on a dvd.) On the whole a very good deal at 2.95 per issue from Slave Labor Graphics.

I also found a poster for 6.95. . . you know one of these days I’m gonna have to get some walls for these posters.

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