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swathofmassWhy the fuck am  i looking at other towns?   I keep seeing very affordable or even fixable houses elsewhere but i keep coming back to Greenfield.      I actually tried NOT looking in Greenfield for a few days…and the more i looked at other towns the more i saw that what i liked wasn’t there.  Using zillow I drew a circle around a WIDE swatch of Cental Mass.    And I looked at every house for sale under $200,000.  That’s not a lot in the greater scheme of things, but it CAN buy something someplace.  I can even buy stuff here…i just wouldn’t want to.  Not all those red arrows are under my price cap, they are just the pool i am filtering.


There were huge cheap houses in Orange but not much else…..sorry Orange – but that’s a consideration…so what if i have a 4 unit building in a podunk town, i will have way fewer people interested in my units, and it will take work to keep them occupied… and I was warned off a couple of towns near Greenfield – they were described as SAD, which was good to know but I could have deduced that on my own,  from what i saw the lowest priced houses were ones that could be improved by being razed.   Deerfield is more upscale, better educated, smaller town larger median income…… but i can’t afford even the cheapest multifamily there.    Through process of elimination I am back at Greenfield.

Today I took a long cruise through the Greenfield city website……i read the zoning ordinances and the city charter,  and looked that the community projects and the clothing drives…..and I can’t say how much I am certain THIS IS THE PLACE.   It is actually the place wish Methuen was. The residents have worked hard on beautiful community projects that we could have easily done here if we only thought about community first.

I described Greenfield to someone as everything Methuen isn’t.   That’s a lie…what i said was it was Methuen without its head up its ass.   Greenfield has 17,456  Methuen has 47,255… and they have done SO MUCH MORE with less.  My god I can’t even get the town to pull their own archives out of a wet basement!.    The more I read about Greenfield, and compare it to where I am,  the more I want to weep.  I could write reams about what Methuen doesn’t have, and i just can’t bring myself to do it. I may do it later, when I am gone, when it hurts less.

After spending the last 5 years hip deep in city management trying to build and improve things and finding nothing but ennui, I couldn’t understand how the entire country could function IF this WAS an example of how all the other cities are run.   It just CAN’T be like that.   Of course it isn’t……I just couldn’t prove it by looking at other towns around Methuen…..each one is broken in some major way…and thinking about all these missed opportunities makes me sad.  I don’t want to be sad.  I want to be happy.  I want to go to a fundraiser in a park. I want to be part of a summer fest,   I want to spend greenfield dollars and do some weed dating.    I want to BANK at a BANK that has a huge TREE around their ATM!  Isn’t that awesome?  I WANT to put my money in that bank.

LOOK!  They restored their train station into a park and now they have concerts there. 



Their business organization actually PROMOTES local businesses…they have a local currency – greenfield dollars.


Weed dating…i love it! ha!


I can’t wait for someone to buy my house. the 1st person to make the offer gets it. I am not kidding. I want to be packed and ready the day i get the check, I don’t care if i am sleeping in the park. I just dont’ want to be here.

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