condemned to history

“Anyone who believes you can’t change history has never tried to write his memoirs.” – David Ben Gurion.

Thanks to gentleman bookseller Samuel W. Coulbourn for the heads up about today’s tale of an intrepid Boston bookseller:

“On this day…in 1776, Colonel Henry Knox reached the headquarters of the Continental Army in Cambridge. The young Boston bookseller had pulled off a daring plan. He had led a small group of men on a 300-mile journey from Boston to Fort Ticonderoga in New York State. Once there, the party disassembled cannon taken when the British surrendered the fort and retreated to Canada in May 1775. In less than two months time, Knox and his men moved 60 tons of artillery across lakes and rivers, through ice and snow to Boston. On March 7th, 2,000 Continental soldiers maneuvered the guns to a hill overlooking the city. The British had no choice but to evacuate Boston.” Listen to this story on audio at Mass Moments.

Reportedly the US Army has taken an interest in poetry – On Jan 10th we stormed a Mosque and walked off with a High School Student slash Poet – Sayed Ahmad Qaneh, he and some of his kinfolk are at present incommunicado. We can only hope that in a few months they will be dumped on some hillside somewhere in Macedonia.


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