There DONE. yes I have a small amount of OCD and i can’t let some things go until i draw a line under them…on the other hand some projects i can ignore for absolutely decades . . . it’s weird . Anyway this cost $12 at the local craft store..a dangerous place which i am generally NOT allowed to wander through unsupervised. But I ran in and found this and left relatively unscathed.

I still couldn’t get EVERYTHING into this container ….. i was left with still a few other smaller containers – the machine needles and bobbin cases can go into the trolley with the machine.  And a lot of the small metal bits are still in the felt lined cigar box with the needles, that I can to carry to my chair so i can hand sew without this entire box on my lap.

Oh the whole I managed to break down one of those 5 drawer plastic wheely things AND a bin with the sewing machine AND a few other containers into just this little bin, the machine trolley and a cigar box.  Considerably smaller than HALF the original volume.  Still have a few fabric swatches and notions that are basically fodder for more projects which I will try to squeeze into the closet with the machine.

Generally I don’t START projects anymore,  I usually only trot this crap out when something needs fixing; nearly all the large spools of thread aren’t even sewing thread, they are different colors of craft and button thread for fixing stuff.  The cage hammocks will eat up a bunch of quilting thread, so i will try to use up some of the other colors doing that. On the bright side last night I found a bunch of BLACK poly fleece in the laundry that i can cut up for hammocks. Looks like i will be doing that soon…i think the next big snow storm… yeah that’s it. God forbid a New Englander doesn’t have something to DO when the snows come after we shovel.

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