I  was off on a secret mission yesterday..and it all went exactly as planned so far ….I went to a  backslapping event yesterday morning in Salisbury kicking off another million dollar project connecting the Salisbury and Newburyport Rail Trails. My Methuen trail of course cost the state considerably less – exactly ZERO.   However to connect it to the state’s other million dollar project in Lawrence  i need to do a bit of a dance….the land across the city limits is still State property and I need official permission for the developer to do the work without anyone getting it in the neck. So, I went to the Newburyport/Salisbury event to buttonhole the State Senator I have in my back pocket. He seemed over the moon about the connection..he always does..he loves the project and seems to like me..he better I brought him a huge honking project with no price tag. I still get no love from my own city, who gives a fuck? I just want a place to ride my bike.

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