Consciousness: That annoying time between naps.

Yep, that’s my day, it took about 3 hours for the drugs to kick in so I could breathe (who invented those fucking monkey puzzle blister pack things? they should come with a steak knife!!,) I rolled into another pickup truck at an off ramp, I wore my shirt inside out all day – and not on purpose and all day I had that overmedicated hollow-head. The news cycle is nothing but Abramoff fallout and cruelty at a coal mine. Oh lets NOT forget the neo-cons in Penn. bitching and moaning that all the educators in the universities have a liberal bias…well duh where have they been?

The bright points of my day – Norm Starr father’s poetry book is about 80% done….just waiting on an introduction and the delivery of the bindings. I had thawed a 1.5lb pork sirloin roast and had to cook it before it went off. Considering I bought it last spring on sale, it was about due. I rolled it in italian bread crumbs and shoved a meat thermometer in and put it in my lovely 2-shelf toaster oven..and i will be damned…it came out just fine. One of these days I need to finish my cookbook for single people…it’s about 6 inches thick. Suppose I just like excuses to collect and try recipes. I one tried to start a yahoo group for single cooks, but alas i was the only one posting and the subscribers were just riding my coat tails. why is that? I thought the internet was the world’s largest collaborative effort?

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