Constant Comment.

It’s cold, I’m cold. I am wearing both pairs of woolen socks. I need me some Bob Cratchit gloves. The thermostat is right in front of my desk, but i have vowed NOT to touch it until I turn it off in spring. I owe the gas company my soul now, I shudder (or is that shiver) to think of what they will take from me after that.

Damn few customers this time of year…good time of year to revamp websites…I did the Animal Rescue site over Christmas and over New Years. I suppose one of the reasons people do inventory about now is that no one’s buying anything and hence you have no money to lay in stock, and the inventory counts are teetering on single digits.

I had intended to take the office and the workshop apart and swap rooms, but when i think of it I want to lie down until the thought goes away. Instead I took the time to do a thorough cleaning of my hard drives, they are both nearly full since I have been too lazy to replace them with larger ones. Deleting duplicate and unused files didn’t actually free up that much space since I do that several times a year anyway.

Until the weather changes in the living room, I will just have to be content with curling as much of my body as possible around a cup of Constant Comment.

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