Lately I have been thinking of what will become of my internet sites when I die. No I am not PLANNING on kicking off anytime soon, as it is I will be one of those people they find 10 days later when the cats have eaten my pinkies. But it COULD happen, one day there could be a mass transit bus out there with my name on it. Shit happens and now that I am closer to 50 than I ever planned to be, more shit is happening to me at closer and closer intervals.

For practical reasons I have been deliberate about purging physical items from the top down not just because I need the money, but Himself nor anyone else in my family knows dick about books and antiques.  So retaining anything of value just puts it in danger. I still have boxes of my mother’s ‘nice’ stuff I need to offload, nevermind my own service of 16 of Wedgewood lurking in the basement.

The virtual stuff is more problematic. I am sure the email accts and server space will all expire when the bills aren’t paid anymore and will get purged appropriately. I am annoyed that things like blogger and google and facebook accounts will just hang there frozen in time never being updated, never being purged.    I am a little worried about the non profit sites that I host and maintain; the Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley and the Methuen Rail Trail sites aren’t technically ‘owned’ by me, but I will have to make sure that someone knows how to grab them and keep them safe.

Today I started making arrangements to eventually give to the High School IT dept.   NOW that I have done all the heavy lifting it is a much more desirable a project for the department to grasp and maintain.  It’s not like it was ever going to grow into a profit making entity, anyway. Better off I make arrangements for it, before I get bored and wreck the thing myself.

This image provided by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shows brilliant blue stars wreathed by warm, glowing clouds. The festive portrait is the most detailed view of a young stellar grouping, called R136 in the 30 Doradus Nebula


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