rainy day’s are great for doing something off the list of crap you have avoided doing in order to avoid doing something more pressing but the rain gives one a convenient excuse not to. did that make sense? doesn’t matter – sometimes you settle for the rationalization within easy reach.

I freaked out my roommates last night by rearranging my bedroom for warm weather airflow and cleaning everything within an inch of its life. The rain this morning gave me the excuse to do a little media culling on top. I don’t have an ipod…wish i did…but still over the years I have been stripping my cd collection to bare essentials…so much infact that I took a framing hammer to the CD shelves and converted them into much needed bookshelves. pardon the cell phone picture, it wasn’t important enough to unwrap a real camera.

Among the materials I put into bins to sort and sell were everything and anything on Cassette tapes, i don’t have anything to play tapes…hmmm…i don’t have anything to play CDs anymore either cept the computer…i will have to do something about that one day. but by then CD’s will be obsolete as well. I culled a few shelves of books most of them related to learning Latin and life in ancient Rome…i was kinda shocked at the number of books i had on life in ancient Rome….perhaps i thought one day i would end up in a Doctor Who episode…i can’t imagine why else.

I used to have many many many more books…but i have limited amount of space…and anything I care about gets damaged if not stored properly, so i try to rotate the bookcase space…certain collections get the boot in favor of books that i may have a hope in hell of reading one day.

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