cooks tour of R. Murphy Company

Recently, my camcorder and I got a very (accent on the very) short tour of R Murphy Knife Co. in Ayer, MA. Let me apologize right now for several things: first the unevenness of the video quality, midway my battery died and I had to pull out my Coolpix to finish the shoot; second the length of time our tour guide’s backside is on the screen, the floor was uneven and I was trying watch where I walked and stay in frame; third the lack of FACES of people who are speaking, I didn’t get any waivers signed and despite it being their slack time, I was kinda invading their space, so I didn’t want to invade their privacy as well – so, basically suck it up you wankers. It’s my first video like this and I thought it was kinda cool, but then I am a HUGE tech geek and tended to focus on the big ass noisy machines . . . and the knives.

sicpress’s knives from R. Murphy Co.

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