cool tool portable bar code scanner

The IntelliScanner is a portable, battery-operated, barcode scanner which can be used to scan and index any bar-coded item. With one swish of the scanner, scan your bar-coded items and then sync the device with your PC/Mac via the scanner’s USB interface. The scanned items are loaded onto the IntelliScanner’s 6 software programs. Based on the category, the appropriate program then automatically compares the scanned items with similar items on the internet and obtains detailed product information which can be stored in its database. The 6 software programs are specialized for each category of item being indexed. For example, there is the Media Collector for books, CD-DVDs, Wine Collector for cataloging your wine collection, Kitchen Companion for groceries etc

Media Collector / Collection 2.0 makes organizing media fast and easy with revolutionary AutoFill technology. One click provides you with detailed product information and artwork in an easy-to-use collection manager that makes it easy to browse, organize, and share your collections.

Collection utilizes barcode technology to its fullest potential to enable you to effortlessly organize, sort, search, browse, and share your media collections. Just like iTunes automatically enters information about your CDs, Collection automatically locates the details on your books, movies, music, and games with a simple scan.

IntelliScanner mini bundle – $299.00
(New product for 2007 — intro price, for a limited time only)

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