cool tool – usb mini humidifier

At first glance you may think ‘what does this have to do with books?’ but if you are anything like me, you spend all day every day surrounded by books, cardboard and paper, none of which are known for their moisture content. All of these things suck moisture out of the air, so you are constantly struggling with dry skin and sinus problems.

This cute little item isn’t very big, and doesn’t hold very much, but HEY – it runs off the USB plug in your PC, so, having it sit on your desk during the months of the year that we are at the mercy of central heating maybe be worth 39 bucks. Hell, I spend that much on Claritin® alone. $39.00USD from
btw when you are there check out the USB rollup piano keyboard. oh wait nevermind – booksellers never have that much empty space on their desks.

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