cool tool – usb scanner

This is one of my favorite things – this HP Photo Scanner 1000 I got off ebay. I have several hundred photos I need to digitize but it’s also very handy for nicking the odd page ornament out of a book. (especially since there is stuff piled on my flat bed scanner) This item was put out in 2001 and I had to snipe it off ebay, but it was relatively cheap for a backup scanner. It weighs about a pound and the scanning surface is 4″ x 6″, it outputs 300 dpi, 30-bit-color and takes 15 seconds per sheet.

Why am I bringing this up? because it runs off the power in the USB. NO POWER CORD. Doesn’t that just tickle you? it did me. It is very small, I can toss it in my laptop bag if I think I am gonna need it. My suggestion . . . for those who are still with me, is that if you are at a book fair this could come in handy to scan credit cards or drivers licenses. Hey, the time has coming when I don’t even trust the cash people give me – I get phoney 5’s in my change at Wendy’s. So, I figured I’d mention it before they disappear completely. I am on the hunt now for a 4×6 printer that runs off USB power.

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