cool toys – skiving knives

“Marking Knives”

Primarily used for cutting leather, these knives also make excellent marking knives. The high-carbon blade is tapered so finely that the back of the edge is only 1/64″ thick. This exceptionally fine taper makes it very accurate in use because it has negligible width and penetrates easily. Ebony handle, brass rivets, and a blade that is about 2-1/4″ long, available with either a right or left bevel. From Lee Valley Tools
Marking Knife RH Bevel 23.50
Marking Knife LH Bevel 23.50

Wow, are those purty. – Skiving knives in my experience have been sold with a naked tang, as least mine were and finding a left bevel was almost impossible. I soooooo want me some of those. is it bad that knives make me hot?

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