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I ran a little coupon experiment today.  nothing big just a trial balloon….. sort of an exploration to see if there is something to it..or if, as i suspect, it’s one of those things that appear rational but is actually false economy.
my biggest peeve about coupons is that for the most part they are issued for name brand items of products i don’t buy. so i can save tons by not buying those products.  so the first rule (i HAD to invent some rules) is not to bother with stuff i don’t need. another is not to spend more than normal… the stupid corollary is that to stockpile stuff, you need to buy crap when you don’t need it. but when it is on sale.
another thing you notice is that all the extreme couponers on tv are effectively unemployed, this is their job. so no stealing time from paying gigs, i can only spend a few minutes doing the math…if it takes more than an hour, ive already lost that hour’s pay.
apparently they issue coupons right before they schedule sales, so indeed you can play mix and match to get the best price, i guess they are figuring you are going to do a lot more shopping and give back your savings elsewhere.
so the other trick is to only buy what you came for and get the hell out of dodge before you put a bag of empty calories in the cart and blow it.
overall, i spent 22 at two stores, and bought 20 things. three boxes of cheerios on sale at 3 for $8 with $1 off 3 coupon and it gave me $2 off the next transaction. i took the $2 and put it against the 8 10oz dish soaps, which were $1 each with a coupon for $1 off two….total $1.92.
at target, i just bought a couple of sale items and applied recently clipped coupons.  $1 off two Arnold corn syrup free breads for the freezer. $1 off two newman sauces, and five Annies mac and cheese for $1 with no coupon at all…….come to think of it…id like to hit that sale again while it is still on.
essentially considered as a days shopping, i spent very little for a lot, but its not a well balanced shopping trip. very little protein, no vegetables or toilet paper everything else needs to be acquired similarly.
its like a wicked boring word problem. my biggest problem now is trying to find someplace to store it all.

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