Okay okay i am done buying myself things i don’t need for this holiday season, but i still keep lists of things i THINK i need. I have always been fascinated with emergency ‘kits’, though in my entire life i have never been the victim in need of using one…but i do tend to be the person other people turn to to ask “do you happen to have a BLANK?” Do you happen to have a knife? a Band Aid? an aspirin, a socket wrench…i must just have that sort of face. With the last few years of working on the rail trail, the bird sanctuary and other outdoors projects my paranoia and obsession with ‘kits’ and emergency preparedness has festered. Last year i found out that Home depot carries lids for 5 gallon buckets which finally gives me the ideal container for such things. this are just the thin pry up with your fingers kind, not the rip your fingers out of their sockets kind for industrial use, i never could master getting those open even with the official ‘openers’ – though there are $12 Gamma Lids on the market not as cheap as a $2 lid from the hardware store, but supposedly much more ‘secure’ as in air tight, water tight etc… I look at them and think, i have an easier time of prying something with a tool than i do trying to grab and turn…they remind me of child protector caps on med bottles – and we all know how we feel about those….

A customer ripped me off for $50 dollars yesterday…probably buyers remorse. Since i ship items trackable it’s hard to claim i never SHIPPED the item when i obviously did. But they are claiming the package was empty when it arrived. I don’t know about you..but when i ship a book it’s OVER protected. This one was in a bag, in a box, in a jiffy bag inside a Priority Mailer..the only way it was going to escape was by magic. And what do you think was my kneejerk reaction to loosing money? I went on a post midnight shopping spree and bought myself a crank flash light. the seem to be all the rage…and well since i didn’t have a christmas stocking to stuff and anyone to stuff it with such an item, i felt i deserved it. $14 dollars with shipping..however it did take me nearly half an hour to decide which one and from what website. The Garrity Power Lite 3 LED Crank Light which has the best reviews on Amazon was also not available..i did find someone on Ebay still listing the item so instead of settling on one of the other crank lights with questionable reviews, i Ebayed it. So into the emergency bucket with the crank light and i won’t have to worry about batteries going bad inside a flash light.

I will no doubt have more on this lastest preparedness fetish…though from the looks of the internet, i am not alone. What we used to call ‘survivalists’ now call themselves preppers, which i think is a twist on the word preparedness….i think we have all watched too many zombie apocalypse movies.

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